3rd Annual Eastside Business Expo was

abuzz with patrons

By Chuck Gibson  

LOVELAND, OH (March 08, 2023) – First the businesses sold out the exposition booths and then the people filled the aisles at the 3rd annual Eastside Business Bash on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

3rd Annual Eastside Business Bash was packed (Chuck Gibson)

It took only two days for the Milford-Miami Township Chamber local businesses to buy out their share of expo booths for the collaborative event with Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (LMRCA) businesses selling out their share of expo booths in less than a month. The aisles were abuzz with activity from the get-go as people filled the aisles talking with the exhibitors, meeting new businesses and meeting new opportunities. 

LMRCA President Cee Cee Collins chats with a representative of Activa during Biz Bash Thursday, March 7 (Chuck Gibson)

It all adds up to 43 local businesses filling the Little Miami Brewing Event Center for the biggest “Biz Bash” so far. It has been an excellent partnership for both chamber organizations leaders Andrea Brady, Executive Director for Milford-Miami Township Chamber and Cee Cee Collins, LMRCA President.

“I’m so excited,” said Collins. “Two things have to happen: we have to sell to the business booths that are there – they came in and we sold out. We love it here. It’s a beautiful facility and they do a great job.”

The challenge comes with the fact both chamber organizations had additional businesses that wanted in but ended up on a waiting list. There were more than 10 businesses put on the wait list for LMRCA and Brady said Milford-Miami Township had 20 businesses more. Collins says that’s a subject they’ll have to discuss before their next business expo. She said there are options for expansion to consider at the Little Miami Brewing Event Center. It is also possible they’ll need to find a larger venue. Andrea Brady likes it “packed”.

A Biz Bash patron visits with Doug and another representative from Time Savers Heating & Cooling (Chuck Gibson)

“It is packed,” said Brady. “We’re thrilled. It has been busy since we opened the doors and that is really gratifying. Two years ago we were happy, last year was even bigger, this is multiples larger and it has stayed busy. It’s great.”

Brady noted several non-chamber-member businesses have expressed interest in participating. At the same time, acknowledging the limited capacity, she says they may have to give priority to chamber member businesses next year and then see if there are any booths remaining for non-member businesses. 

At the end of the day, both Collins and Brady see it as a good problem – if you can call it a problem – to have.

“We love this venue,” Brady said. “It’s beautiful, it’s convenient. It’s a fine balance too. If you get too many booths, people don’t want to come, or they don’t see the whole thing.”

Food and beverages for everyone is one of the things they love about the Little Miami Brewing Event Center venue (Chuck Gibson)

Right now businesses and patrons alike have shown a good response. Business owners are pleased with the interaction both business-to-business and with individuals. They are making connections. You could see by the crowd and the conversations being had person-to-person, the “Biz Bash” was a success. At least one patron called it “impressive” and “very well done”. Andrea Brady heard the same positive response from the people.

“Businesses are making good contacts,” she said. “I overhear business owners saying I’ll be in touch, so they’re making those connections and they are at least getting the opportunities for future business. It seems to be very positive.”

Both Brady and Collins were pleased to see the positive reaction and large turnout. It seems to be a fair mix of connections for both B-2-B and customer direct (B-2-C). The “Biz Bash” gave a first-hand opportunity for people to meet and learn about a wide range of businesses serving their community within the local area and even beyond Milford-Miami Township and the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance.

For more information, visit the Milford Miami Township or Little Miami River Chamber websites.