Loveland Woman’s Club opened their new year September 14, in JoAnn Richardson House at LMC

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (September 29, 2021) – The Loveland Woman’s Club held their first meeting of the season Tuesday, September 14, at Loveland Museum Center in the JoAnn Richardson House. 

Kay Bolin, LWC Vice President, introduced special guest speaker Wendy Knight – Lemons and Limes Boutique (Provided)

The meeting featured Wendy Knight, Lemons and Limes Boutique owner and new member Amy Broerman. Knight spoke about her journey from the corporate world to owner of a small boutique in Loveland, Ohio. Knight not only told her story, but shared insights and her philosophy on sourcing merchandise from small business providers – especially women. 


Becky Giver welcomes new member Amy Broerman to the Loveland Woman’s Club 9/14/21 (Provided)

The meeting also featured new LWC president Becky Giver welcoming new member Amy Broerman. 

The Loveland Woman’s Club meets monthly.