Designated Outdoor Represhment Area (DORA) exppands in Loveland Leads the news from City Manager’s Office this week. HERE IS THE MAY 8, WEEKLY UPDATE FOR OUR READERS CONVENIENCE. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON THE CITY OF LOVELAND WEBSITE

TO: Mayor and Council
FROM: David Kennedy, City Manager
RE: Weekly Update
DATE: May 8, 2020

LOVELAND, OH (May 9,2020) –

COVID-19 Updates:
• Following consultation with our legal team, discussions with other communities and
enforcement personnel, the decision was made to open our expanded Designated Outdoor
Refreshment Area (DORA) beginning this Saturday. The expanded DORA will run from 12:00
p.m. to 11:00 p.m., daily for 60 days. Downtown liquor permit holders were invited to discuss
the decision on a Zoom Conference on Thursday. In preparation of the expanded DORA,
additional picnic tables were added to Nisbet Park and signage with the following wording will
be placed throughout the DORA boundaries:

Additionally, the recently renovated Nisbet Park Restrooms is now open for public use. A press
release was put out on Thursday regarding the expanded DORA, and can be viewed by Clicking

• As we continue to prepare for the opening of City Hall to the public on May 12, barrier
windows were installed at the Utility/Tax and Building/Zoning counters for the protection of
our employees and visitors.

Other City Hall COVID-19 related improvements, including the installation of a new door at the
end of the building’s south side hallway (West Loveland), the installation of sanitation stations and
modifications to the layout of Council Chambers is commencing next week.

Additionally, this week LSFD donated new chairs for use in the Council Chambers. The new plastic
chairs will allow for easier disinfection than the cloth chairs currently located in the chambers.

Monday, I participated in a webinar regarding the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) program, which
was put on by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA). This is an important funding
source for the reimbursement of COVID-19 related expenses. Given the importance of the
program, and the plethora of information involved, Assistant City Manager, Tom Smith, participated
in the same webinar on Thursday.

In conjunction with the FEMA PA program, this week the city received information which was
requested from Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s office regarding funding available to local
communities through the federally funded CARES Act. This information is under review by staff,
although at first glance it appears to be another viable option for reimbursements to the city for
COVID-19 related expenses

Nisbet Park with additional tables for expanded DORA (Chuck Gibson) 

Loveland City Manager David Kennedy (Provided) 

Non COVID-19 Activities:
Police Department
This week LPD made preparations for the upcoming protest (that was later canceled,) the DORA
expansion, and the reopening of the Safety Center next Tuesday.

Lieutenant Amy Campbell attended the second week of the Supervisor Training and Education program (virtually), and Detective Steve Moster attended an online course for certification by the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE.)

Building and Zoning
The Building and Zoning Department is pleased to report that amid the pandemic the following
development projects continue to move forward:

The Bond Warehouse made application for their fire line and water tap. Both permits were issued.

DJ’s Food Mart submitted plans to convert the building into a laundry mat. The plans are currently
under review.

The project at the Fischer building in the Commerce Park has completed the addition
to their building.

Director of Finance, Michelle Byrde received the city’s annual Residential Recycling Incentive (RRI)
funding from Hamilton County this week. These funds are distributed from the Hamilton County
Recycling and Solid Waste District and are based upon the amount of recycling each community
generates. This year the city received $26,429 in RRI funding, which can be utilized for a variety of
recycling initiatives. For example, these funds were utilized in 2018 and 2019 to join forces with
Symmes Township and the Loveland Sustainability organization to provide the Hazardous Waste
Pick-up program. As the RRI program is incentive based, the more our residents recycle, the more
RRI funding we received. For any questions on the city’s recycling program or the materials that can
be recycled, please feel free to call City Hall at 683-0150.

Upcoming Events & Activities
City Council will meet on Tuesday, May 12, at 7:00 p.m. using the video conferencing application

City meetings conducted through Zoom are live streamed on the City’s YouTube page, Loveland,
Ohio City Government. YouTube is ADA compliant. All YouTube uploads are automatically
closed captioned. Viewers can read along by selecting CC on the bottom of the screen