There will be no rainout for the Final Festival Sunday of the St. Columban 2020 virtual festival (aka No Festival, Festival) Come, join in the fun!

By:  Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (June 28, 2020) – One sure sign of summer is the Church Festivals all around Greater Cincinnati. Not this year. Church festivals are just one more casualty of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

St. Columban ‘No Festival, Festival’ ends today. (Logo provided) 

But, as it has been with so many other lost traditions this year, creative minds took over and found a way. St. Columban staff was no different. When it came time to face the fact there would be no traditional festival, they found a way to take the festival off the parking lot and bring it to the family home online. Thus, the ‘No Festival, Festival’ was born. Come, join in the Fun!

Today marks the 10th and final day of the 2020 online virtual festival. Not unlike too many festivals past, rain has fallen and is forecast throughout the day. There will be NO RAINOUT TODAY!

Overhead view of St. Columban Church Festival (FILE)

Everyone can still get online at , scroll down the home page, click on the ‘No Festival, Festival” graphic and put your bid in on any one of the many great Bid-n-Buy items, purchase your “Split-the-Pot” chance (winner to be announced Monday, June 29,) or check out the fun festival videos – sure to bring some laughter into your house. There may not be all the traditional festival food & music, but there is still plenty of fun to be had on the Final Day of the St. Columban 2020 No Festival, Festival online.

Everyone is invited to please join in the fun. Even if you can’t win at the festival games this year, you can help support St. Columban and the many ministries and volunteer programs they support throughout the Loveland community and beyond. Remember, you still have all day to Bid-n-Buy, get your Split-the-Pot chance, or just donate to help the festival cause. St. Columban thanks you for your generous support and looks forward to seeing you next year at the St. Columban Festival!

Rides were always fun for the kids (FILE) 

Fr. Lary’s Funnel Cakes – a festival favorite (FILE)