Blanchester High School celebrated the Class of 2020 Seniors with a drive-thru graduations ceremony

By Chuck Gibson (Lisa Haynes contributed to this story) 

BLANCHESTER, OH (May 26, 2020) – The Blanchester High School administration, with the help of the community got creative to provide a drive-thru graduation ceremony for the graduating members of the BHS Class of 2020 and their families. 

Shawna Haynes, Graduate Class of 2020, Blanchester High School (Courtesy Lisa Haynes)

Thoughtful, creative, and detailed planning resulted in a unique an memorable graduation ceremony for the BHS Class of 2020 this past weekend. Following guidelines and restrictions to protect the health & safety of the administration, graduates and their families, the school constructed an outdoor stage for the graduates. During the drive-thru ceremony, each member of the Class of 2020 was able to exit the car, step up on the stage and receive their diploma while anyone accompanying them could stand near the car and take photos. Shawna Haynes was one graduate whose mother, Lisa Haynes, was very pleased with the planning and personall touch brought to the special day. 

“The Blanchester High School staff and administration did an amazing job with their drive-thru graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020,” Haynes wrote in a message to Loveland Beacon about the ceremony. “It was very well planned out and made very personal.  The students were able to get out of the vehicle and walk across the stage. Those accompanying the graduate were able to get out of vehicle and stand near their vehicles to take pictures and video.  Blanchester High School made it very intimate and personal for each student. The ceremony could not have been more beautiful for all the Graduating Class of 2020. The high school also videoed the ceremony and each student is to receive a copy of the ceremony.” 

Additionally, the school videotaped the ceremony and will provide a copy of the tape to each graduate. After each student walked to receive their diploma a local church, Blanchester Church of Christ, made their property available for photos with family and friends courtesy of April Garrett and Denise Blevins Thacker. 

“These ladies are making the photos available to the graduates free of charge through a download,” Haynes explained.  “A big thank you to each of these ladies and the Church of Christ for making the day that much more special for our graduates.”