Bill to ensure privacy rights gets first hearing –

Stroke registry bill received second hearing

PRESS RELEASE: Office of Jean Schmidt, Ohio House of Representatives.

COLUMBUS, OH (March 15, 2022) – Last week, House Bill 406 (voyeurism laws) received its first hearing with the House Criminal Justice Committee and House Bill 431 (to establish a stroke registry database)  received its second hearing with the House Health Committee.

Jean Schmidt, State Representative, (R- Loveland) (File Photo)

HB 406 aims to improve voyeurism laws to better ensure the privacy of Ohioans. State Representative Jean Schmidt (R- Loveland) is the bill sponsor.

“We must work to ensure that every Ohioan’s privacy is protected in places such as changing rooms, locker rooms and bathrooms,” said Schmidt . “When the right to privacy is violated, people should be able to count on the perpetrator being brought to justice.”

Current law considers voyeurism a third degree misdemeanor and does not include streaming or broadcasting as methods of violating an unsuspecting individual’s privacy.

“The current law is simply out of date,”  Schmidt said. “We’re faced with a loophole that can make prosecuting for the crime difficult.”

To align the offense with steaming and broadcasting technology, the legislation will:

  • Update the list of methods for videotaping and photographing to include streaming and broadcasting;
  • Eliminate a clause in two sections requiring the act be committed for the purpose of sexual gratification to broaden the scope for persons to be charged, thus creating a more secure expectation of privacy; and
  • Increase penalties for repeat offenders.

Later in the week, HB 431, legislation to establish a stroke registry database, received a second hearing for proponent testimony with the House Health Committee.

“I am glad to see this bill move forward with a second hearing,” said Schmidt. “It is important for Ohio to have a stroke registry system in place to ensure the best outcomes for patients.” 

Proponents of the database include OhioHealth, UCHealth and the American Heart Association. Both HB 431 and HB 406 await further hearings. 

Ohio Statehouse – Columbus, OH (File Photo)

Rep. Jean Schmidt on the floor of the Statehouse in Columbus (Provided)

Schmidt Introduces Human Life Protection Act

On Tuesday, March 15, State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) introduced House Bill 598, legislation to further protect unborn children’s right to life in Ohio.

The legislation is a proactive “trigger ban,” preparing Ohio to ban abortion, should the U.S. Supreme Court allow states to prohibit abortion or if the U.S. Constitution is amended to authorize states to prohibit abortion. The bill will be known as the Human Life Protection Act.

 “With the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, there is renewed hope that states will once again be able to outlaw abortion and protect the most vulnerable in our society,” said Schmidt. “I’ve been dedicated to protecting unborn children my whole career. This legislation will ensure that Ohio is prepared to take action when the opportunity arrives.”

Should Ohio be granted the power to ban abortion, the Human Life Protection Act would:

  • Ban all abortions in Ohio;
  • Penalize anyone who performs an illegal abortion with a fourth-degree felony;
  • Provide immunity to a woman on whom an illegal abortion is performed;
  • Provide an affirmative defense for abortions performed to save the life of the mother.

The manufacturing, distribution and sale of drugs, medicine, instruments or devices intended for the purpose of abortions will also be banned under the bill.

“As servants of the people, I consider it a duty of Ohio’s legislative body to protect each and every constituent, that includes unborn children,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt is not alone in her efforts, her newly introduced legislation has a companion bill in the Ohio Senate. Beyond the state of Ohio, similar legislation has been passed in 13 other states, including neighboring Kentucky.

The Human Life Protection Act now awaits committee referral.

State Representative Jean Schmidt is serving her first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 65th house district, which includes northwestern Clermont County.

For more information, contact Rep. Schmidt’s office at (614) 466-8134 or