Popular Loveland restaurants aim to engage community in support project to raise funds for those in need and brighten up Loveland

By: Chuck Gibson

 LOVELAND, OH (April 18, 2020) – Motivated by gratitude for the support of customers, and essential employees; Paxton’s Grill and Ramsey’s Trailside have created the ‘Art of Giving’ initiative of hope and thanks.

Art of Giving initiative will brighten up Loveland with signs of gratitude (Chuck Gibson) 

This period of isolation, social-distancing, staying at home is taking a toll on people. Kevin Egan, owner/partner with Ramsey’s and Paxton’s, along with other members of the restaurant group, believes people are looking for distractions from the restrictions and constant onslaught of COVID-19 reports. They began talking about ideas to provide hope when closure’s first started a month ago in March.

“Let’s give them something positive to think about; to sink their efforts into,” said Egan. “We always want to be a positive influence in the community. There’s nothing better than finding gratitude in difficult times.”

Gratitude is exactly what Egan wants to show for the community of customers who have come out to support local restaurants like theirs during COVID-19. Hope is what they want to give to the people through the Art of Giving first initiative. They want to offer thanks to their own essential employees and all those nurses, doctors, police and firemen on the frontlines. That begins with an art contest for kids 17 and under. 

Ramseys’ & Paxton’s windows fronting W. Loveland Ave provide a blank canvas to brighten up Loveland (Chuck Gibson) 

“We have this blank canvas on West Loveland Avenue we love to use as a billboard of appreciation to those on the frontlines,” Egan said. “It is a good opportunity to roll all this into one and create something fun around it.”

 The blank canvas Egan refers to is the Ramsey’s Trailside window fronting West Loveland Avenue. Those windows don’t showcase an elegant dining room, or bustling sports bar; that’s where the kitchen is. The idea is to have kids create an original work of art for entry in the contest. (Click here for contest rules and entry form) The artwork best depicting a message of Hope and Thanks for essential workers will be selected as the Grand Prize winner. The winning art will then be recreated on the window at Ramsey’s with second and third place winners artwork also being recreated on windows at Paxton’s or Ramsey’s. Winners will also receive Ramsey’s & Paxton’s gift cards.

Winning artwork could be recreated on any of these Paxton’s Grill windows (Chuck Gibson) 

“We’re giving kids an opportunity to get creative and express gratitude and ultimately brighten up the Downtown Loveland area,” said Egan. “We’re always going to be tasked with having something there to reflect the season, something positive and brighten up the area.”

That explains the art aspect of the initiative, the giving starts with Ramsey’s and Paxton’s helping raise funds for the Loveland InteFaith Effort (LIFE) Food Pantry

LIFE Food Pantry helps provide food necessities for Loveland families in need (Chuck Gibson)

“We have a fantastic non-profit, LIFE Food Pantry, here in Loveland serving families in need,” Egan explained. “They are experiencing a huge demand on their services right now. March, a critical fundraising time for them, was cut short.”

LIFE Food Pantry currently offers safe-distancing drive-thru pick up (Chuck Gibson) 

Paxton’s and Ramsey’s are encouraging the community to join them in supporting LIFE Food Pantry in this challenging time of crisis. They are seeding the effort to help raise funds with a $500 matching donation.

Join the effort to support LIFE Food Pantry by clicking here to DONATE

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