Miami Township – Clermont County planning brush pickup during week of July 11-16.

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (July 11, 2022) – Neighborhoods stricken by the severe storm and tornado in Miami Township, Clermont County will receive curbside pickup of brush resulting from the storm clean up efforts. 

Miami Township plans to start bruxh pickup from storm damage during week of July 11-16 (File photo Chuck Gibson)

Miami Township Administrator Jeff Wright confirmed curbside brush pickup for area communities affected by the major storm last Wednesday, July 6, will begin sometime this week (July 11-16).  

“Curbside brush pickup will begin sometime this week,” said Wright. “Some of the pickup will be done by our own service department, but, due to the volume of the clean up, we will also use outside contractors to assist in the pick up.” 

Wright offered apologies for not being able to give more details on planned pickup days and times at the time we spoke late Monday morning July 11.

“We want to allow people impacted time to get their clean up completed and brush out to the curb,” Wright explained. “It helps us to be more efficient if we can go through an area one time instead of making multiple trips to the same neighborhood.” 

He also explained the process of getting quotes from outside contractors to ensure the most cost-efficient service. Outside contractors are needed because of the volume of brush resulting from the massive storm damages. The Township Service department must maintain there normal services in addition to the curbside pickup. Wright assured us details regarding curbside pick up of your storm brush will be made available on the Miami Township website as soon as they are known. ( 

NOTE: Miami Twp. Service Department workers have already begun some curbside pickup. 


Miami Township released the following information regarding curbside bruch pickup in response to the major storm: 

Curbside Brush Pickup from Major Storm Event

Due to the significant storm event that occurred in parts of Miami Township on July 6th, the
Township Service Department will begin limited curbside brush pickup. Due to the large
volume involved and the time required to get back to normal, weekly duties of the Service
Department, the curbside pickup will occur in those neighborhoods that had the storm damage
and is not intended for general pruning of trees that residents may take advantage of in other
parts of the Township. The areas of the Township that will receive the brush pickup will be the
neighborhoods along the Branch Hill-Guinea Pike corridor as far north as approximately the
Belle Meade neighborhood, to the east as far as the State Route 48/Smith Road area and
extending down to SR 28. The areas impacted that will have curbside brush pickup are shown
approximately in the area in red on the map, below.

The items will be limited to only tree limbs and brush, not construction materials or trash.
Property owners will need to have the brush placed along the edge of the road or back of curb
outside of any lanes of travel.

As always, all Township residents may also utilize the Township’s brush voucher program by
picking up free brush vouchers at the Miami Township Civic Center or the Miami Township
Police Department and then drop off tree limbs and brush at the Bzak Landscaping located at
931 Round Bottom Road.

For additional information, please contact the Service Department at 513-248-3728 or the
Township Administration at 513-248-3725.

For additonal updates on curbside brush pickup details, visit: