The Brittney Frietch Team RE/Max Real Estate office officially opens in Loveland this Friday

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (October 14, 2020) – You’ve seen her face –bigger than life – on the ‘Coming Soon’ sign in the front window at 102 Karl Brown Way in Loveland.  This Friday, October 16, Brittney Frietch and her RE/Max Real Estate Team will officially open the doors and welcome you in for the Grand Opening of their Historic Downtown Loveland real estate office.

Bigger than Life image of Brittney Frietch in the window of thier office at 102 Karl Brown Way in Loveland, OH (Chuck Gibson)

The office has only been months in the making since Frietch secured rental of the space formerly occupied by Leppert Photography. Anybody driving past during those months has seen the transformation and renovation from the outside, and most recently that oversized smiling face of Brittney in the window promising the opening soon.

“The marketing team didn’t consult with me on that, that’s the funny story,” said Frietch. “My five foot by five foot face on the window? No, that was not approved by me.”

Frietch’s husband Drew suggested they have some sort of signage in the window so people would know what was coming. She gave the go-ahead for him to get it done. One day he called and told her the sign was up and she should check it out.

“I go bye and my jaw is on the floor and I’m nauseous all at the same time,” Frietch said. “I got stopped right in front of my face at the red light. I was like: Oh my God, who approved this? There’s something scary about seeing your face that big. It did its job. Soccer mom’s stop and tell me their kids say we know somebody famous. I’ve had calls.”



The sign is gone from the window now; interior renovations are mostly complete, with maybe a few finishing touches for the Grand Opening this Friday. The new office space is ready for visitors to step in and look around. Frietch is holding an open house from 11a.m. – 7 p.m. with an official ribbon cutting ceremony at 12 noon organized by the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (LMRCA). Loveland City Manager David Kennedy will be there along with LMRCA President Cee Cee Collins as Brittney, Drew and all the Frietch team cut the ribbon and open their door for business. And business will happen right away.

“We’ll actually have our first official closing at two-o-clock right here at this table during our open house grand opening,” said Frietch. “Drew said why wouldn’t we just throw a closing in there. We’re going to close the door and say don’t disturb, closing in progress.”

The 1st official closing will take place in this conference room Friday, October 16, during the Grand Opening Open House (Chuck Gibson)

Because of the COVID-19 health and safety protocols, there will be no open refreshment served. The grand opening open house will feature door prizes, giveaways, baskets and gift cards. The opening of office on Karl Brown Way in Loveland is the culmination of a dream for Brittney Frietch that goes back before April when she saw this space was available.  

“I called Drew and said I want this office space like I said when I got licensed,” she explained. “If an office space came down here and this is how it was all supposed to work out that I wanted it, and I wanted Karl Brown Way. I didn’t want anywhere else.”

102 Karl Brown Way is the only place Brittney Frietch wanted to have her office. (Chuck Gibson)

It was an idea. They ran with it and they got it. But still, for Brittney and Drew Frietch, there is more to the story than just selling real estate and opening a real estate office. You have to understand where she’s been; where she came from. You have to know Drew had over 20 years in the construction business rising to become Vice President of the company he worked for. . . right up until this past February.

“He walked away from that February of this year,” said Frietch. “As we all know, the world shut down one month later. I stayed home for 10 years, he paid all the bills.”

Brittney got into real estate and now Drew was taking a leap of faith and joining his wife. This is the woman who went from teen mom, to stay at home mom, to business owner sole provider of their house. She said from the beginning of her journey into real estate if it worked out they would know it was meant to be and, if not, they’d know it was not what she was supposed to be doing. 

That belief, that leap of faith for her, for Drew, is rooted in her faith in God. Frietch proudly goes her own way not following the conventional wisdom of buying leads and lists to stir up business. No, she believes there is a greater purpose bringing her together with the families she serves.

“I’ve always said the Holy Spirit has whispered into the ears of those people who I am supposed to help,” Frietch said. “I still, to this day, say that.”

Brittney Frietch is on a mission to help people through the stress of buying and selling a home (Chuck Gibson)

Frietch credits that with her not having to do business the conventional way as others in the real estate business do in 2020. She learned from some university she never attended research study the most stressful events in our lives are: getting married, getting divorced, having kids, and moving. Helping people through the selling and buying process of moving is what she truly believes God wants her to do.

“He’s (God, The Holy Spirit) sending them because I’m supposed to be in their life at the most stressful time of their life. Buying and selling a home, having kids, those are the biggest stressful events in one’s life. Drew and I get to be part of one of those for a lot of people.”

Drew & Brittney Frietch (Provided)

Drew was ready to get licensed when everything shut down, but had to wait until June. Now he’s licensed and sells homes right along with his wife Brittney as part of the Brittney Frietch Team. More than that, Drew brings the experience of 20 years in construction. He brings an added level of confidence for buyers and sellers in knowing what is a serious issue, what is not, and trusted contractors who can help resolve any issues with quality work and fair pricing. 

“Having him as part of what I’m building, you can’t describe that, it doesn’t exist anywhere else,” Brittney said. “We’re just going to become a part of historic downtown Loveland because it’s like a family. We love it. We want to be part of that. This is it.”

The entrance hallway of the new officd for Brittney Frietch Team – RE/Max Real Estate (Chuck Gibson)


The Brittney Frietch Team- RE/Max Real Estate Office Grand Opening

Friday, October 16, 2020 – 11a.m.-7 p.m. at 102 Karl Brown Way

Ribbon Cutting at 12-noon, door prizes, gift cards, baskets and more.

Note: The Brittney Frietch Team will be hiring to fill 2-4 positions including licensed agents and an administration position.