By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (July 13, 2020) – In Issue 26 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps feature takes to the bright lights of stardom in HOLLYWOOD

Steve Kovacs, author of Fun With Maps (Provided) 

LA-LA Land

What is more iconic of the movie capital of the world than the Hollywood sign above Los Angeles?

Well, the sign’s original intent had nothing to do with entertainment.  It was erected 97 years ago by a local real estate firm to advertise their new housing development in the Hollywood Hills area.   It was meant to last for 18 months, but the sign took on its own life, became popular and soon was reframed to refer to the entertainment industry.   Oh, and the sign was abbreviated to “Hollywood” from the original “Hollywoodland”.

Many things are not what they seem . . .  especially in Hollywood.

This map shows the growth of Los Angeles from its incorporation in 1850 to 1935 when the map was issued by Aldridge. 

Steve Kovacs and his wife Theresa reside in Loveland, Ohio where they raised their two children. He is a passionate collector of antique maps.

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Map showing growth of Los Angeles 1850 – 1935 issued by Aldridge. (Credit Steve Kovacs)