8 Students and 2 Staff Members report COVID positive tests

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (October 30, 2020) – A total of 10 people (8 students and 2 staff members) have been reported by Loveland Schools as testing positive for COVID-19 in the last two days.

COVID cases rising among students at Loveland High School (Chuck Gibson)

Thursday, 10/29, Loveland Schools reported two Loveland High School students tested positive for COVID. It was reported one of those students last attended school a week earlier on Thursday, 10/22.  The other was in the school on Monday, 10/26/20.

Today, Friday, October 30, 2020, Loveland Schools reported five (5) additional Loveland High School students notified the school they had tested positive for COVID-19. Those students were last at the school on the following days/dates:

Sunday, 10/25/20

Monday, 10/26/20

Tuesday, 10/27/20

Wednesday, 10/28/20

Thursday, 10/29/20

The district also reported a student from Loveland Primary School (LPS) has tested positive  and was last at the school on Tuesday, 10/27. Two staff members have also notified the district they tested positive for COVID. One is a staff member at Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) and was last at the school on Monday, 10/26. The other is a staff member at Loveland Middle School (LMS) and was last at the school on Tuesday, 10/27.

In all cases, members of the school community determined to have been in close contact with any of the confirmed cases has been notified and will follow Hamilton County Public Health protocols. If you were not notified, your student was not determined to be in close contact.

The Loveland City School District encourages people to review the following important information:

The district strives to protect the health of its students, families, and employees. To do that, accurate and timely reporting is necessary to contain the spread of the virus and its adverse impacts on the health of our community. It is a collaborative effort by everyone involved. By working together, students, parents, employees, and our public health department can make a difference and save the lives of our friends and families

*Families should immediately contact the attendance line for their student’s school to report a positive COVID-19 test result. Attendance lines are monitored throughout the day. When notified, the District Nurse and/or school administration will follow-up with you regarding next steps.

Loveland Early Childhood Center – (513) 697-3060

Loveland Primary – (513) 697-3888

Loveland Elementary – (513) 697-3888

Loveland Intermediate – (513) 697-3024, Ext. 6123

Loveland Middle – (513) 697-3602

Loveland High School – (513) 697-3715

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