10 Students provide soundtrack for “We’re All In This Together” video production

FROM MILFORD SCHOOLS: Wendy Planicka, Director of Communications  & PR (Edited for publication by Chuck Gibson) 

MILFORD, OH (April 23, 2020) – Cancellation of the Milford High School Spring Musical brought an unexpected “Proud Milford Moment” for the students.

Milford Schools music & theater students provide many proud moments (Provided) 

Milford High School was set to perform “High School Musical Junior” as their spring play, but the COVID-19 shut down canceled the show. Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center reached out and asked our students to provide vocals for this video! 

10 Milford student provided the soundtrack: Paige Riek, Andrew Richmond, Lesley Webster, Anna Verderber, Lexi Fields, Emma Stevens, Sophie Mailloux, Isabelle Rowe, Payne Ackermann, and Everett Nabor


This message was posted on the Milford Schools Facebook page: We love the positive message this video conveys and we’re so proud of our students for participating. Even during a pandemic, we can all pull together, have a little fun, and look forward to brighter days ahead.

Click here to watch the video

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