Stage Company 4 week fundraiser ended Friday:

Grant winner to be named in September

By Chuck Gibson  

LOVELAND, OH (August 17, 2021) –The Loveland Stage Company (LSC) four week fundraising event  wrapped up last Friday at noon with a final tally just over $11,000.

The fast and furious dash to raise funds is part of an effort to qualify and win a Gannett Foundation $100,000 grant. A minimum of $3,000 had to be raised to qualify. Loveland Stage Company set their sights beyond the minimum in hopes of getting a good start toward their goal to replace and upgrade the outdated HVAC system in the LSC Theater. Bob Kessler, LSC Building Manager expressed thanks to the community for their generous support during the fundraiser in a message sent via email and on Facebook.

“I had a whole list of folks on Facebook, and emails that I was notifying along the way,” said Kessler. “We raised $11,050.”

Now, they wait with hope for the final word from the Gannett Foundation to learn if they will be a grant recipient. The decision is expected sometime in September.

“The folks at Gannett Foundation say they will announce the Grant Recipients later in September,” Kessler explained.  “Fingers crossed!”

In the meantime, the folks at Loveland Stage Company are very grateful to the generous donations from the community. It seems $11K, with or without the grant, is a huge step toward their goal to replace and upgrade the HVAC system at the theater. The show must go on!

Side note: The Fall Show “Curtains” has been cast and is in rehearsal.

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Show Dates: Fri, Sat, Sundays Nov 5-21
Directed by Charlie Rader
Produced by Tom Cavano