Staff at the Loveland school wanted to thank the health care heroes at Bethesda North Hospital

NEWS RELEASE: Susanne Quigley, Chief Information Officer 

LOVELAND, OH (April 23, 2020) – Staff at Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) donated candy bouquets to the COVID-19 and Intensive Care Units at Bethesda North Hospital this week.

Loveland Early Childhood Center staff deliverd candy bouquets to say thanks to health care heroes (Provided) 

The staff wanted to thank the hard-working health care professionals for their dedication and care during this difficult time. 

“The idea of donating the candy bouquets came up in a virtual staff meeting,” said LECC Principal Jesse Kohls. “They had been prepared as special recognition for teachers who had gone above and beyond planning our Fine Arts Night. Since Fine Arts Night had to be cancelled last minute due to COVID-19, passing these bouquets on to our health care heroes seemed like an appropriate way to show our appreciation for the work they do.”

One of the LECC staff members is connected to a Bethesda North Hospital physician, who took it upon herself to deliver the gifts to the appreciative staff on Monday.

Photos above and next:  Health care professionals in the COVID-19 and Intensive Care Units at Bethesda North Hospital received candy bouquets from Loveland Early Childhood Center. (Priovided) 

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