Loveland was draped in orange to honor Grant Wolf

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (January 27, 2021)  – Hundreds of mourners lined the streets of Loveland wearing orange, waving orange flags, and carrying signs to show love and support for Grant Wolf and his family during the noon hour Wednesday.

WE Back The Pack signs are prevalent all around Loveland in support of Grant Wolf and his family (Chuck Gibson)

The community of Loveland came together to support and pray for the Loveland Primary School second grader during his courageous battle with brain cancer. Grant passed away early Friday, January 22, at just 7 years old. His battle inspired family and friends to come together as Grant’s Wolf Pack. WE BACK THE PACK signs were displayed all around Loveland in a demonstration of love and support for Grant and his family throughout months of hope and prayer for his recovery. Most recently, supporters organized a “Paint the Town Orange” day in Loveland. Orange ribbons and bows – orange is Grant’s favorite color – anything orange draped trees, street signs, and businesses all around Loveland and Miami Township

The funeral mass held at St. Columban Catholic Church in Loveland was packed for Grant Wolf (Chuck Gibson)

Wednesday hearts were heavy mourning the loss of Loveland’s Littlest Hero. Grant Wolf inspired a whole community to come together in love, prayer, and hope for his recovery. There was a funeral mass at St. Columban Catholic Church where his family practiced their faith. It was packed. Outside the community waited in the cold temperatures under the cover of a gray cloudy sky. They waited along West Loveland Avenue in the heart of Historic Downtown Loveland where the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department raised and crossed their ladders in salute to Grant and his family. They waited along both sides of Loveland-Madeira Road in front of the Primary and Elementary Loveland Schools where Grant and his twin-sister Julia attended school.

The crowd waited across from and in front of the Loveland Schools to pay final tribute to Grant Wolf (Chuck Gibson)

The LSFD crossed their ladders to salute Grant Wolf and family as the funeral processed through historic downtown Loveland (Courtesy Cee Cee Collins)

This mom and her children waited in Historic Downtown Loveland to pay respect to Grant Wolf (Courtesy Cee Cee Collins)

They waited for the funeral procession of their Littlest Hero, to pay final respects to the young man who stirred hope and love in their hearts. It seemed to take way too long before the flashing lights of the first car in the procession came into sight. People mixed and mingled, chatted and waited, but then the procession came into view. All eyes turned up the road. The crowd fell silent. The orange flags were raised and the community stood. . . silently. . . as first the Tufts-Schildmeyer hearse carrying Grant Wolf passed, and then the crowd remained silent and attentive as a long procession of cars carrying the Wolf family and friends passed slowly by. A few snowflakes swirled in the air as a final farewell to Grant was expressed in silence by a caring community.

People lined the streets of Loveland to bid farewell to Grant Wolf during his funerla procession Wednesday, January 27, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

JayPiper placed a bear in the chair to pay respect to young Grant Wolf (Chuck Gibson)

Carolyn Thobaben was there with her son Carter to encourage Grant to Fly High. Carter is a schoolmate of Grant’s older brother Matthew (Chuck Gibson)

The sign says it all – End Childhood Cancer (Chuck Gibson)

Grant Wolf was not healed the way his family, or the community hoped and prayed, but in his own personal fight against cancer, he brought a special kind of light, a special kind of hope, a new kind of life to his home community. Grant Wolf touched the hearts of many and in those hearts he will live forever. Farewell Grant, You fought the good fight and finished the race. Rest In Eternal Peace.  

The hearse carrying Grant Wolf passed by as Loveland bid farewell to her Littlest Hero (Chuck Gibson)