Join us at “The Corner Table”

to hear about all things Loveland and more

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (June 23, 2022) –  Loveland Beacon is excited to announce the Premier Edition of “The Corner Table” podcast is here.

The first edition of The Corner Table was recorded live at Paxton’s Grill on Thursday, June 16, 2022. Steve Dolata, a familiar voice in commercial radio and television throughout Cincinnati, hosts the show along with me, Chuck Gibson, journalist, founder and publisher of Loveland Beacon. In this first podcast of The Corner Table, Johanna Kremer, President of Art League of Loveland joined us to talk about the 2nd Annual Art Crawl happening this Saturday, June 25. Ralph Dunnigan, owner/partner for Paxton’s Grill joined us to talk about the 18th Annual Golf Outing benefitting CancerFree Kids. We caught up on the latest from City Hall and other items of interest.

We invite the public to join in and give us a listen at The Corner Table as we discuss all things Loveland, from the latest headlines, to what’s next in our community. We’ll also open up discussion of other topics of interest from all around. 

Without further delay, here is the Premier Podcast of The Corner Table on Loveland Beacon:

THE CORNER TABLE PODCAST: Premier Edition – June 23, 2022


Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed listening to the Premier Edition of The Corner Table here on Loveland Beacon. Keep watch for information on where and when you can join us for live recording of the next edition of The Corner Table. Be sure to check it out on the Loveland Beacon at: or follow on the Loveland Beacon Facebook page at: