11 year old Delaney Dunlap wants to give back to the organization giving to her

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (November 1, 2020) – It was a chance meeting on a beach that led to Delaney Dunlap receiving a prosthetic running leg from Amputee Blade Runners. (ABR)

Delaney Dunlap during gymnastic routine (Provided)

Delaney is like any 11 year old crazy about all kinds of sports. She loves to play all of them; gymnastics, soccer, softball, all of them. The difference is Delaney has only one leg. A rare disease made amputation the best decision for this Loveland girl showing incredible athletic talent at a young age. To be sure though, it is a difference, not a disability for Delaney.

She has performed gymnastics routines as part of halftime shows at college basketball games. She played in a soccer tournament on Halloween. It turned out to be a nice day on Halloween with lots of sunshine. That meant Delaney received a last minute phone call to play in a soccer tournament. Of course the answer was yes. Oh, by the way, she chose that over an interview with Loveland Beacon – can’t blame her for that.

Delaney has a prosthetic leg, but it is not the latest technology prosthetic leg. Everything she’s accomplished on the gym floor and playing fields has been done with a normal prosthetic leg. In mid-November that will all change for Delaney. Amputee Blade Runners will fit her with a new prosthetic running leg – for FREE! It will change her life as an athlete. She wants to give back to the organization giving to her.

Delaney Dunlap enjoys all sports including gymnastics, softball and soccer (Provided)

You see Amputee Blade Runner is one of four finalists for the NASCAR Foundation Betty J France Humanitarian Award and, with your vote, could be the winner of $100,000. That money would go a long way in helping ABR with their mission to help other amputees. Delaney, her mom Gina and her dad Mike Dunlap (Yes, he is Head Coach of the Loveland High School Boys Soccer program) are trying to spread the word about ABR and how they’ve helped Delaney. They aren’t asking for any money, just your vote for Daryl Farler and ABR in the race to win the Betty J. France Humanitarian Award.  Click here to see Daryl’s video and register your vote for Amputee Blade Runners.

Gina Dunlap says Delaney doesn’t really understand the difference the new running leg will make for her. She also says ABR has already helped the family and demonstrated their commitment to the mission of helping others amputees live life to the fullest.

“She is so excited,” said Gina Dunlap about Delaney getting the running leg. “I think in her mind she doesn’t quite believe a different type of leg can help her. I’m really, really excited for her to get it.”

Delaney with U.S. Women’s Soccer star from Cincinnati, Rose LaVelle. (Provided)

A new prosthetic leg, like Delaney currently uses, costs in the range of $14,000-16,000. Insurance covers a new one each year, but the family still pays at least $3,000 out of pocket Gina explained.

“Amputee Blade Runners is doing this completely free,” Gina said. “Once she does it with them, they’ll make them ongoing until she’s 18.”

For that reason alone, the Dunlap’s are thankful and want to give back to ABR. It’s not just giving back to the organization giving so much to Delaney, it is her mission to inspire others like her to live life to the fullest. Despite being an exceptional athlete at age 11, sometimes Delaney gets frustrated by her size and her leg.

“If this leg helps a little and she starts growing, we could see a big difference,” said Gina. “We just want to put it out there to our friends to vote for Amputee Blade Runners.”

Voting ends at 12 noon on Wednesday, November 4, Vote today to help Amputee Blade Runners help other amputees like Delaney – live a full life.

Click here for the link to vote for Daryl Farler and ABR