Butler, Clermont, Hamilton & Warren County prosecutors received papers Monday afternoon

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 17, 2022) – At 3:00 p.m. Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14, a group of seven people entered the office of Warren County Prosecutor Dave Fornshell in Lebanon, OH to deliver a dossier proposing an indictment and investigation into criminal acts against American Citizens.

Serving Indictment Proposal at office of Warren County Prosecutor Dave Fornshell l-r: Doug Lehman, Ginger Lehman, Beth Levering, Deb Giehl, Josie Worrall, Marta Nowak (Not shown Viva Goorian) (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Similar groups visited the offices of Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. In each case, the group served the same five-page dossier along with a 205 page documenting evidence for eight separate counts including Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in the deaths of American Citizens, Funding and creating a Biological Weapon, Lying to Congress and similar counts of conspiracy, market manipulation and more. Those accused in the dossier (proposed indictment) include Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Ralph Baric, the FDA, CDC, Moderna and Pfizer along with other named accused. Not all prosecutors took delivery of the papers personally, but in each case the delivery was documented with a notarized statement of receipt. Marta Nowak was the registered point of contact (POC) person leading the group making the delivery at Dave Fornshell’s office in Warren County.

“It’s Valentine’s Day today and we want to show the love for our country,” said Nowak. “We are here to serve our Warren County Prosecutor the ‘Fauci Dossier’; it is a COVID-19 dossier, a proposed indictment for crimes against humanity.”

The dossier, and the larger 200-plus page document, being served to county prosecutors all across the nation Monday was compiled and made accessible to the public by Dr. David Martin. The call to action for Valentine’s Day came from a group called the constitutional law group. Nowak explained what they expected and hope to accomplish by serving the county prosecutor with these documents.

“Because these crimes against humanity have been performed at every county level,” Nowak said. “We want to make him aware of it so he will investigate and go after the evildoers.”

Free Ohio Now Warren County Organizer Deb Giehl (Red Shirt) talks with two other anti mask protestors during demonstration Saturday, March 27, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

Deb Giehl was among the seven serving the papers at Warren County. As an advocate for maintaining civil rights as American Citizens, she has been an active member for the Warren County chapter of Free Ohio Now. She has been a consistent voice against the mask and vaccine mandates during the pandemic.

“We want to hold them accountable,” said Giehl. “We want to make sure he (Prosecutor Dave Fornshell) has all the information he needs. Again, we are expecting him to investigate and prosecute.”

They were not alone; it was supposed to be everybody working together.

“This is all happening, out of the 3,133 counties in the United States of America, we’re hoping, according to each time zone,” Giehl explained. “It was supposed to be all at 3:00 p.m.”

In Clermont County, the group included Beverly Welbourne, Kim Martin and a couple others. Kim Martin is passionate about stopping the mandates, maintaining our constitutional rights and holding accountable those who are illegally impeding on the rights of American citizens. Her passion inspired her to attend and recently complete a course in constitutional law.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I was comfortable and confident with our effort to serve Mr. Tekulve the dossier,” said Martin. “I believe we’re in a spiritual battle. I want to be educated and make a difference.”

They arrived peacefully and presented their papers lawfully- The Women Against Tyranny” at Warren County Prosecutors Office (Chuck Gibson)

Martin said the delivery at Clermont County went well despite not being able to meet directly with the prosecutor. She says the people in the office were kind and they had no problems. Debbie Smith, a clerical administrator in the Clermont County prosecutor’s office confirmed receipt of the papers and Prosecutor Mark Tekulve would review them before taking any action.

By late Wednesday, Beverly Welbourne, who served as the POC for the Clermont group, reported she received an email response from Tekulve indicating he has no jurisdiction in the matter and would not be pursuing it any further. 

Charis Peterson served as the point of contact person with the group of five people serving Prosecutor Michael Gmoser in Butler County Valentine’s Day. They were in the hallway just prior to the appointed three-o-clock hour when Gmoser just happened to be leaving his office. One of their group knows him well enough that she said hello.

“He brought us into one of the conference rooms,” said Peterson. “We sat around, talked to him, and gave him the information, the indictment and the 205 pages. He was actually quite delighted, thought this was a great idea. He feels this needs to be pursued.”

Marta Nowak, right, presents the documents to an assistant in Warren County Prosecutor Dave Fornshell’s office (Chuck Gibson)

Peterson understands it is not something he can do on his own, but has to have someone initiate the process. Gmoser knows State Attorney General Yost well and indicated he would contact him about it after he reviews the information himself. They wait. Likewise, Kim Georgeton served as the POC for the group that served Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. They went through security, made it up to his office area, but did not meet with Joe Deters personally. Instead, they served the papers to a man named Caleb Brown who documented the receipt of the documents.

“I have not heard anything back,” said Georgeton. “I am following up with an email to him, but I have not heard anything so far.”

Efforts by Loveland Beacon to get a response from Joe Deters office –even just to confirm his receipt of the documents – received a promise of a call back. That was Tuesday, today is Thursday, no return call so far. Georgeton did not even expect to get into the offices based on a call she made before the group went there Monday.

“My expectations, based on a the call with a woman, was they would not even allow us in,” Georgeton explained. “I was glad to be able to hand the documents over to a physical person. My hope is, if the information in the document is true, there will be some major indictments coming out and people will finally, for once, be held accountable for these crimes they are committing.”

Signed notarized copy of the documents served at Warren County Prosecutors office of Dave Fornshell (Chuck Gibson)

Georgeton has a real passion for change demonstrated in the fact she is running for District 28 Ohio State Representative. By no means is she a politician, in fact her first response when asked who she is, was to say parent, wife, resident, not politician. She does have 25 years of business experience, and her husband owns and operates the Red Squirrel restaurant. It is her role as mother of a 15 year old daughter which really motivated her regarding the current battle for freedom from mask and vaccine mandates after her daughter was forced, like many school children, to wear a mask to attend in-person classes in school.

Right now the groups are waiting to see what prosecutors do, or don’t do, after their lawful and peaceful serving of papers seeking investigation and indictments. 

There is a plan for next steps which could include going after the surety bond of the elected officials they served. Law requires elected officials to have a surety bond (a sort of insurance policy) to pay out damages if citizens are harmed by their actions in office. If elected officials (in this case the prosecutors) are found to be negligent in carrying out the duties of their office, they can be immediately dismissed.

“Apparently every public servant has to sign for an indemnity bond,” said Deb Giehl. “That’s what we would go after and hold the prosecutors accountable if they don’t do their job.”

Again, the Valentine’s Day call to action came from the constitutional law group. You can learn more about the group and this movement by visiting their website at: https://www.constitutionallawgroup.us/

CLICK HERE to watch a video about the national effort to bring charges against Dr. Anthony Fauci and others named in the proposed indictment/investigation.

NOTE: Loveland Beacon will continue to follow this story locally as information becomes available.