Evan Osgood named top

DAV Scholarship Program winner

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (October 12, 2022) – Loveland High School (LHS) senior Evan Osgood is collecting the college cash.

LHS senior Evan Osgood pictured receiving the DAV Scholarship Award check for $30K – with top DAV officers presenting (Photo courtesy Evan Osgood)

Osgood was recently named winner of the top prize $30, 000 in the 2022 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Scholarship Program.  The DAV Scholarship Program awarded a total of $110,000 to 10 different winners. Loveland’s Evan Osgood was the top prize winner and the only winner from the state of Ohio.

He was recognized during the DAV Auxiliary National Convention in Orlando, Florida August 6. This is in addition to him being named winner of the National Honor Society (NHS) $25,000 scholarship award at their gala in Washington D. C. last April. He became eligible to apply for the DAV Scholarship award as a result of his volunteer work with the organization during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

His work making masks and PPE kits, and building a volunteer organization of thousands to produce and distribute to tens of thousands of people, earned him national recognition when he was just a high school freshman. Describing his volunteer project was the focus of his essay in an extensive scholarship application process. He did not apply with a presumption of being awarded the top scholarship prize.

“It was definitely unexpected. It wasn’t something I went in thinking was going to happen.” – Evan Osgood, LHS senior and top prize-winner DAV Scholarship Program – $30K

He could say it was déjà vu all over again. Readers may recall he received notification from NHS he was a finalist for their scholarship award on his cell phone back in the spring. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? It was probably somewhere during February or March when he applied, but he had not heard anything as early August arrived.

“Then I got a phone call,” Osgood said. “I think it was the national commander. Is this Evan Osgood? Yes. He sounded very serious of course. He said: I’m calling to inform you you’re our top winner of the DAV Scholarship Program. Just a phone call, just like that.”

You want to be there to see the look on Evan’s face, at that moment when his reaction is pure emotion instantly. What was that like?

“I remember sitting in my room just picking up the phone and I was like what is this, and I hear the news,” he recalled, “I was super excited, very surprised, thanking the guy over the phone. Then I go tell my parents, have a little celebration . . . you go tell Mom and Dad, hey, I just won 30-grand; there’s a little jumping up and down. It’s definitely a unique experience.”

One can only imagine. Evan knows and yet having had a similar experience twice, it still came as an unexpected surprise and felt unique to him. Next came the invitation to attend the DAV Auxiliary National Convention on August 6, where he was also asked to speak. Before the convention, a professional film crew came to the Osgood home in Loveland to film a video of Evan to be shown at the convention.

“They had a film crew come to my home and recorded a video,” Osgood explained. “They had the video play on stage and had me come out and accept the big show check for 3-grand, got the pictures with all the top guys and then speak for a few minutes.”

Evan Osgood with one of the SOS PPE kit boxes in LHS hallway (FILE Photo Chuck Gibson)

Osgood talked about his volunteer organization and the support from the DAV and their volunteer network distributing the PPE kits during the pandemic. He describes the response from the audience as very positive with people stopping him to shake his hand throughout the whole day. That was the culmination of a two-day (Fri-Sat) convention in Orlando, Florida. The trip included some fun time swimming in the hotel pool and attending a number of the convention meetings. By the way, Evan made the good-son choice including his mom as his “plus-1” for the trip. The demand for PPE has decreased and he has ramped down those volunteer efforts.

“I’m looking forward to college,” said Osgood. “I’m definitely looking at things we can be doing in the meantime. It’s still early, but we’re looking at potentially doing some fundraising for a food pantry; those kinds of things.”

Osgood made early college applications to several top universities including Harvard, but did not receive early acceptance following his junior year at LHS. Now, as a true Loveland High School senior, he is taking online classes and exploring internship opportunities.

Evan Osgood right after accepting NHS Scholarship Award during Gala in Washington, D.C. (FILE Photo Credit Leigh Vogel)

“I’m getting ready to re-apply,” Osgood said. “A lot of people will tell you applying early is tough, and they generally don’t take people when they’re juniors. You never know. I have better odds this year. It’s not an exact science; go back to the essays, revise, rewrite, do it again.”

His goal to study computer science with a focus on AI – artificial intelligence – remains the same. Osgood believes there AI “has tremendous use” and the skill set would set him up for the future.

Evan Osgood is also among the fourLHS seniors named National Merit Semifinalists. Allyson Colegate, Broderick Merz, Carmen Noe, (Photo courtesy LCSD)

One thing I like about AI is you can kind of build your own model,” said Osgood. “If I want to do more service work, I can use those skills I’ve gained to raise it to the next level.”

He also discussed how AI “can be dangerous technology” if used incorrectly for the wrong purposes. It seems clear Evan Osgood is headed in the right direction wtih good intentions for the future he envisions with computer science and artificial intelligence. Osgood displays real intelligence in his thoughtful view of his own future.

“It’s tough to look out five years. I’m sure needs will evolve in that time,” Osgood said. “I think the answer is: what skills do I have, what are the needs right now. The question you ask in five years is: how can I bring those two together to match the needs.”

Learn more about the DAV Scholarship Program at: www.dav.org

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