Stein Hoist competition lifted the spirits early during preliminary rounds Friday evening

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (September 25, 2021) – Throngs of people gathered all around Historic Downtown Loveland for the inaugural Oktoberfest celebration Friday evening in the town sometimes referred to as Little Switzerland! 

Thousands packed the Scenic Little Miami River Trail and all the restaurants, bars, and other venues set up for the first day of Oktoberfest 2021 in Loveland, Ohio. The fun officially began with the opening of the Biergarten and Stein Slide at 4:30, but make no mistake, it was the first hoisting of the stein that really liftedd the spirits for the evening of fun and festivities. 

Steins Up at The Works for the first official round of the Warsteiner Stein Hoist competition shown hoisting their steins l-r Stu Williams, Robert Reid, Mike Woodstock Chad Hilliker, and Lance Layman – out of frame far left not shown Scott Gordon owner of The Works (Chuck Gibson)

At each of 12 different venues, beginning with The Works at 6:30 p.m., six  competitors from each location competed to see who could “Hoist the Stein” for the longest time. Rules required each competitor to hold a 1 litre glass stein filled with Warsteiner beer straight out in front of them – no leaning, no sipping, no spilling. First one to lower the stein is out and so on until only one stein remains hoisted. Oh, it was a sight to see with each competitor straining to hold a steady stein. It didn’t take long before the arms were quivering and the beer splashing. The strain was visible on the faces. 

Winners from the first three Stein Hoist venues – The Works, Ramsey’s, and Paxtons were as follows: 

The Works: Mike Woodstock outlasted Scott Gordon. 

Ramsey’s: Adam Frost was still hoisting steady when Chris Reis splashed down his stein. 

Paxton’s: The winner Philip Honkomp hoisted his stein in one hand while drinking a glass of beer with his other, but was nearly outlasted by the firm and steady hoist of Kim Hill, one of two lady hoisters in the early round. 

Scott, representative from Warsteiner, said it best as each Stein Hoist was being set up: 

“Everyone is  a winner,” Scott said. “You get to drink the beer when you’re done.” 

All of the preliminary round winners will hoist for the title “Champion Stein Hoist” in the final on the main stage Saturrday at 6:30 p.m with Randi Rico as emcee. 

Here are more Stein Hoist photos from Friday preliminary competitions. 

Mike Woodstock, The Works Stein Hoist winner (Chuck Gibson)

Adam Frost, Stein Hoist winner at Ramsey’s Ross Quehl on his left and Chris Reis last out on his right (Chuck Gibson)

Philip Honkomp, Paxton’s Stein Hoist Winner with another beer in his other hand (Chuck Gibson)

Friday was full of food, fun, music and all kinds of German fare – not to mention the folks dressed for the occasion in their finest lederhosen. Loveland Oktoberfest 2021 continues Saturday beginning at 4 p.m. Weiner Dog Race, Ceremonial Keg Procession & tapping, along with The Zinzinnati Bier Band and the Stein Hoist Finals. Hope to see you there! 

See more photos from all the Friday Opening Night festivities below. 

People were everywhere including at the Warsteiner Emporium during 1st evening of Loveland Oktoberfest (Chuck Gibson)

Warsteiner Rep Scott (Chuck Gibson)

Steins Up at Ramsey’s l-r: josh Morgan, Drew Frietch, Ross Quehl, Adam Frost, Chris Reis, Rob Bryant (Chuck Gibson)

Stein’s Up at Paxton’s l-r: Glenn Lund, Philip Honkomp, Nick Folzenlogen, Kim Hill, Doug Ransom, Jill McCarthy (Chuck Gibson)

Narrow Path Brewery packed em in during Oktoberfest Friday evening (Chuck Gibson)

Backstage of Counting Skeletons Friday evening (Chuck Gibson)

Counting Skeletons live on stage Friday during Loveland Oktoberfest (Chuck Gibson)

The Works owner Scott Gordon was last out as Stein Hoist Winner Mike Woodstock is seen in front still steady (Chuck Gibson)

The final two at Ramsey’s Stein Hoist: Adam Frost and Chris Reis – Frost won (Chuck Gibson)

Kim Hill (middle) looked like a sure winner, but was last out – also shown here at Paxton’s Stein Hoist Nick Folzenlogen and Doug Ransom (Chuck Gibson)

And they came dressed in lederhosen Get your German on tonight! (Chuck Gibson)