District partners with Protect|ED to create healthier, safer schools for students, faculty and staff

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (April 8, 2022) – Indian Hill School District is leading the way in K-12 indoor air quality by equipping its classrooms with state-of-the-art air purification technology provided by Protect|ED, a leading supplier of innovative air quality products.

The Indian Hill School District is installing 143 air purification units equipped with NanoStrikeTM Technology across campus. Classroom filter seen here in upper right corner. (Provided)

The partnership will support the district in its continued efforts to combat viruses and keep children and teachers healthy and in school. The district, which serves more than 2,100 scholars students, is installing 143 units.

“The health and safety of our school community is our No. 1 priority,” said Indian Hill Superintendent Kirk Koennecke. “COVID-19 forced all school administrators to examine resources to enhance air quality. This system’s benefit is beyond COVID; it combats the variety of viruses and germs our students and staff members are exposed to every day. We appreciate this partnership. Every student, teacher, staff member, and visitor deserves to breathe clean air.”

Installed air filter unit in Library can be seen left of the clock above the window (Provided)

The portable WellAir Protect 900W with NanoStrikeTM Technology incorporates patented technology that kills airborne micro-organisms and provides the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19, influenza, and more. Rooted in science, NanoStrikeTM Technology has been embraced by the medical community for the past decade and is used by institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. More than 60 clinical and lab studies show NanoStrikeTM Technology reduces certain viruses and pathogens up to 99.99 percent and takes only 45 minutes to circulate and clean air in a standard-size classroom entirely.

Close-up look at air filer unit installed in Indian Hill School Library (Provided)

NanoStrikeTM Technology is specially designed for schools with a slim, lightweight design that can be easily mounted on walls and moved as needed. There are no installation costs or maintenance required, and very little energy is used (less than a 14-watt light bulb). The systems are also extremely quiet and do not disrupt the learning environment.

The importance of air quality goes beyond health benefits. Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health research shows that cleaner air improves cognitive function, overall performance, and improved test scores of students as well.

A close up look at one of the air quality units installed in Indian Hill staff offive (Provided)

“We appreciate the opportunity to support the Indian Hill School District in this important effort to ensure the health and safety of their school community,” said C.J. MacConnell, president and co-founder of Protect|ED. “With more than one-sixth of the entire U.S. population inside a K-12 public school building daily, every person deserves the confidence of knowing that the school is following stringent health and safety protocols built on science. Filters may capture some pathogens, but they don’t eliminate them. We applaud the district for going the extra step to protect the wellbeing of its students, teachers and staff.”

About Protect|ED

All children deserve to learn in environments that are safe and healthy, while also nurturing their intellectual growth, social engagement and emotional well-being. As a trusted partner to school districts around the country, Protect|ED takes this responsibility seriously and works to support schools who share our commitment to improving the air our young people breathe daily. From offering medical grade air purification technology to PPE products, the Protect|ED team of medical and educational experts support and empower school communities to create healthier learning environments. For more information visit protecteducation.com.

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