Seven Braves will be featured in 2020 Young American Poetry Digest

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (May 6, 2020) – Indian Hill Elementary School student-poets will soon have seven bylines in a national publication! Seven Braves will be published this fall in the 2020 Young American Poetry Digest

Seven Indian Hill Elementary School student-poets (seen together here) will be published this fall in the 2020 Young American Poetry Digest, a national publication.(Provided) 

The fourth and fifth grade students inlcude: Ellie Pedrick, Elsa Trout, Kathryn Setzekorn, Haddyn Backlund, Michael Miller, Jeremy Starczynowski, and Ardisha Thawrani.

“I am very proud of the initiative shown by all the students who entered the contest, and I am excited for these students to see their names in print,” said Indian Hill Elementary School Gifted Intervention Specialist Betsy Henning. “The announcement of their publication comes at a great time to remind us of the power of our passions and personal goal setting.” 

Fourth and fifth grade students had the opportunity to participate in the poetry contest in February. Entries were judged on creativity, age-appropriate language, sensory/figurative images, structure, and poetic techniques. 

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