Farewell 2023, Greetings of Welcome 2024!


LOVELAND, OH (January 1, 2024 NEW YEAR’s DAY) – Welcome 2024! Happy New Year everyone. 

From all of us at Loveland Beacon: supporters and contributors, to all of you: followers and readers –

Happy New Year! 

We wish each of you the blessings of a healthy and happy 2024. May this year bring you great joy and happiness. May this year be  filled with wonder, adventure, and new memories. And may this year bring you the greatest blessings of love, family and friends to surround you every day. 

Thank you for being a part of Loveland Beacon in 2023. Thank you for listening in to our new LOVELAND BEACON TALKS Podcasts. We look forward to sharing more  great stories from all around our community as they unfold during 2024. Without you, there is no Loveland Beacon. Thank you for your support and interest the whole year through. We are most grateful for your trust and following.