More than 20 cars decorated with signs and horns honking paraded through downtown Loveland and into Miami Trails to thank Loveland School teachers

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (April 25, 2020) – Cars loaded with Loveland Schools families and their kids gathered in the parking area out front of Loveland High School around 5 p.m. Friday, April 24.

Tara Hamilton, Loveland Mom, started the whole impromptu parade to thank teachers (Chuck Gibson) 

A little more than 20 cars lined up there before taking to the streets with horns blowing, arms waving, and the sound of “The Eye of the Tiger” blaring from at least one sound system. The cars were adorned with all kinds of creative decorations from a bouquet of balloons, to window paintings and hand-held signs. The decorations and signs were messages of thanks and support to teachers and the Loveland Schools. The spur-of-the-moment idea came from Loveland mom Tara Hamilton who says the group of parents just doesn’t have a lot on their calendars right now.  

Cars were decorated with signs thanking the teachers (Chuck Gibson) 

“So we thought we’d take this time to go spread a little positivity and thank our Loveland teachers,” said Hamilton. “Our Loveland School District is working so hard right now with all the logistics of getting all of our Tigers fed and educated and figuring out remote learning. We just thought on a Friday evening we wanted to spread a little joy and say thank you to our Loveland teachers.”

Hamilton was in the lead car with her very excited son Wyatt holding a sign out the window with the message: “# in this together”.

The lead car with Tara Hamilton and her son Wyatt (Chuck Gibson)

The group left from the LHS parking lot close to 5:30 p.m. proceeded down Wall Street, then thru Historic Downtown Loveland, up Broadway, to Hanna, and entered Miami Trails on Jenna Drive. Several people were social-distancing in the pool parking lot on Jenna holding up signs and waving as the parade of cars passed.

Parade of cars headed up the hill toward Hanna (Chuck Gibson)

The parade entered Miami Trails on Jenna, then onto Ridgewood (Chuck Gibson)

Bryan Cooley and his kids were in this group at the pool on Jenna (Chuck Gibson) 

Bryan Cooley flanked by his son Gavin and daugher Emerson (Chuck Gibson) 

Bryan Cooley was there with his 5th grade son Gavin, and 2nd grade daughter Emerson waving a handmade sign thanking their teachers at the primary school and LIS.

“We saw something on Facebook about a teacher’s parade to go through our neighborhood,” said Cooley. “We felt it was important to support the teachers during this time of need.”

The sign said “we miss you” and had the names of their teachers on it. Emerson’s teacher Mrs. Little, and Gavin’s teachers; Mrs. Popa, Mr. Waple, and Mr. Scarbrough were all handwritten by the kids.

Signs of love for Loveland teachers adorned the cars (Chuck Gibson)

“The kids were very excited to come out and see if they noticed their teachers driving by,” Cooley said. “Loveland is a wonderful community and to know the teachers miss the kids just as much as the kids miss the teachers; it’s great to come out and watch it on this beautiful evening.”

 No one could argue the beauty, or the excitement of the evening as the parade wound through the streets of Miami Trails. People greeting the parade from their driveways and other community pool parking lots throughout the community.

Showing some love for Loveland Primary School (Chuck Gibson) 

Friday evening parade honored Loveland teachers like Mrs. KNSKERN (Chuck Gibson)

“This was just word-of-mouth, impromptu, last-minute, grass roots parade,” Hamilton said. “It’s a crazy time and we just want to say thank and show a little love and support to those teachers.”