That’s a wrap: When the curtain fell on LHS Drama production of “Theory of Relativity” it was the last curtain call for seniors like Anna Colletto

By Anna Colletto, LHS senior, Special to Loveland Beacon

LOVELAND, OH (May 1, 2021) – Loveland High School’s Production of the musical Theory of Relativity wrapped up last Saturday with a full house – as full as a pandemic will allow, of course.

Anna Colletto, senior, during her final performance on the LHS stage in “Theory of Relativity” (Photo by Steve Kovacs)

For me, this was my 8th show in the LHS Auditorium and a bittersweet end to my time with the drama program. Theory of Relativity is a show based on the chapter of life I am now heading into, college. It’s a simple story, a song-cycle about the students of an 8 AM “Intro to Physics” course each coming to terms with their identities, friendships, and the numerical order of pi.

It’s not the typical musical, in fact, our Assistant Director and math teacher extraordinaire, Hannah Dietz only brought it up because there was a song about pi. Yet, at our first rehearsal, as the cast sang through the opening number “Relativity”, we all knew how special it would be for us. The show explores the multitude of life experiences people my age go through; the struggles of friendship, perils of love, divorce, identity, and loss.

Members of the LHS Drama cast singing a number from Theory of Relativity (Photo Steve Kovacs)

Each of us could connect with something, and all saw ourselves reflected in the material. Topics like this aren’t frequently discussed in High School Theater. It’s much easier to sell tickets to a well-known Disney Musical. These are the stories teenagers should be telling because they’re ours. This production wasn’t just a little slice of normal, but the music and story we all needed to be a part of. In a year filled with difficult times and let-downs, a show about finding your place in the world, with the best of friends by your side was everything we could have wanted and more.

All of the LHS cast could connect with some part of Theory of Relativity (Photo Steve Kovacs)

Everyone in High School has their own little bubble, their safe space. Whether it’s a group of friends or an extracurricular, we all seem to find one. For me, it’s always been drama. Through every stressful semester or rough day, the after school rehearsals for our musicals have been my favorite little refuge. It’s a place of unhindered friendship, acceptance, and creativity. Most rehearsals don’t even start until 15 minutes after our call time, because we all just sit and talk with each other.

My most treasured memories and friendships were created through Drama, in an atmosphere of support and community I haven’t found anywhere else in the building. That environment is a testament to the educators who create it. Shawn Miller, Teresa Kovacs, Aaron Marshall, and Hannah Dietz put in countless hours, pouring into the production itself and the students around them. Without Shawn Miller, this program wouldn’t be what I’ve experienced, and anyone who’s been his student will tell you his passion for education has molded their life. Looking back at the times I’ve spent on the LHS stage, that couldn’t be more clear.

The LHS Cast of Theory of Relativity at the close of the show April 24, 2021 (Photo By Steve Kovacs)

If you missed Theory of Relativity, no worries! The Drama students will be performing excerpts from the show, as well as some surprises, at the Nisbet amphitheater Monday May 3rd at 7 PM. The Arts at Loveland aren’t just amazing, but an important part of so many students’ High School experience. Please come out and support. If you can’t make it, encourage someone to try out for the next show or buy a ticket in the Fall – I know I will.

Editor’s NOTE: Nisbet Park in Historic Loveland is hosting a Celebration of The Arts Monday, May 3, 2021.  Proceeds will benefit the Arts Programs at Loveland Schools.

Anna Colletto, senior LHS Class of 2021 (Provided)

Anna Colletto is a senior and member of the Loveland High School Class of 2021!

She will attend the University of Missouri in the fall where she has been accepted into the prestigious Journalism program there.

Loveland Beacon extends sincere thanks to Anna for her contributions during the past year and wishes her continued journalistic success as a Mizzou Tiger!