Newcomers Hart & Ping win Loveland Council seats while incumbents Washburn & Schwetschenau retain Loveland School Board seats

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (November 3, 2021) – (UPDATE: 10:30 a.m.) Loveland City Councilman and lifelong Loveland resident Neal Oury was 5th in a 4- man race for City Council behind  incumbent Ted Phelps by only 51 votes in the final tally Tuesday, November 2, while two newcomers were elected to council. Jonathan Eilert, was the top voter-getter and the only newcomer elected to serve on the Loveland School Board.

In the hotly contested race Loveland School Board, where 8 candidates ran to fill three full 4-year term seats, voters elected to retain incumbents Eileen Washburn and Eric Schwetschenau while adding newcomer Jonathan Eilert. In fact Eilert received the highest vote count with 16.7 % of the vote. Schwetschenau was second with 15.5% and Washburn received 14% of the vote. Newcomer Al Juram was next highest vote-getter with 12.7 % of the vote. Kevin Dougherty ran unopposed for the unexpired two-year term which will expire December 31, 2023 and will continue as a member of the Loveland School Board. 


Rev. Jonathan Eilert, Pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Loveland top vote getter elected to Loveland School Board (File photo)

Eric Schwetschenau, elected to Loveland School Board (Provided)

Mrs. Eileen Washburn reelected to Loveland Schools Board of Education (Provided)

Kevin Dougherty ran unopposed and was elected to serve unexpired two-year term on Loveland School Board (Provided)

Incumbent Loveland Councilman Tim Butler was reelected earning 21.4% of the vote. Newcomers John Hart and Kip Ping received the second and thirs highest percentage of the vote with 17.6% for Hart and 16.7% of the vote going to Ping. Incumbent Ted Phelps edged out fellow incumbent Neal Oury in a tight battle for the fourth seat just 51 votes separating the two. He had 16.3% of the vote.


Tim Butler reelected to Loveland Council as top vote-getter. (Provided)

Newcomer John Hart elected to Loveland Council (Provided)

Newcomer Kip Ping elected to Loveland Council (Provided)

Ted Phelps reelected to Loveland Council (Provided)

In other area election results of interest, Paul Kamphaus was elected to Clermont County Clerk of Municipal Courts with a winning margin of only 82 votes over Tim Rudd. Newcomer Ralph Vilardo was only 132 votes behind Rudd with only 214 votes separating the three candidates. 

In the race for two Miami Township Trustee seats, incumbent Mary Wolf retained her seat, while newcomer Mark Schulte ousted incumbent Karl Schultz to gain a seat as trustee. 

Milford School Board will have three new members when the new term begins with newcomers Jerry Combs, Melissa Nolan and Emily Mason all winning first-time election to the board. Out is incumbent and former School Board President Chris Hamm.

UPDATE: Milford School Levy – PASSED, 6,529 FOR – 5,455 AGAINST. $56 million, 30-year bond issue to build new middle school to replace Milford Junior High. 

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