On the Road Again

By Diana Bosse for Loveland Beacon

LOVELAND, OH (March 26, 2024) – As Willie Nelson says, “We’re on the Road Again”.

Boardwalk to funky and fun (Photo Diana Bosse)

This afternoon we’re off to see my mom’s cousin in Central Florida who I’ve always referred to as Uncle Bruce, but neither he nor his wife Gloria, is my uncle or aunt. I think he is officially my first cousin, once removed, but that’s always been too much to fit on a Christmas card. Plus, their oldest daughter, Diane, is my age, so it just seems more practical to call her cousin (and I do)  and them Uncle and Aunt.

And before you all cry, “Uncle” on this gibberish about my relatives, let me get back to the purpose of my post – another great hole-in-the-wall!

Since we didn’t get on the road until after my shift at the racquet club, I was starving and, on a mission, to find something funky, fun, filling and fishy, on the water and not too far off I-95.

The “Gigantic Tiki Hut” (Photo Diana Bosse)

Google search directed us to a joint called Fish Tales at Fort McAllister so once again the CRV made its way to Richmond Hill.

By the time we crossed over the Georgia state line, I had recited the entire menu to Steve so he and I would know exactly what to order the moment we were seated. Time is of the essence as we are a bit worried about traffic around Orlando since it is a Saturday, it’s spring break and the start of Easter week (I didn’t really think through the timing of this trip all that well).

Ten miles from the expressway (and civilization) we spotted the gigantic tiki hut and canvas-covered boat console that doubled as a hostess station. I knew straight away I’d reeled in a keeper

BEST FISH EVER? (Photo Diana Bosse)

It was no surprise to me when Steve ordered the BEST. FISH. SANDWICH. EVER. Steve always orders the fish sandwich, even if it’s mediocre. I ordered the FAMOUS fish tacos. Why, you ask? Because of flour tortillas, pico de gallo, crisp coleslaw and, of course, FAMOUS fish. Plus, although they did have burgers, chicken and other non-seafood options, you cannot go to a restaurant with fish in the name and not order fish.

Just like any good hole-in-the-wall, Fish Tales serves their drinks in Styrofoam (the Waterford Crystal of plastic) which gave me some satisfaction after ordering an ice water instead of an ice cold bottle of Corona Light with a lime, like everyone at the table next to us was enjoying, and is what I really wanted, but we have a long drive ahead.

Fish Tacos from the “joint” called Fish Tales (Photo Diana Bosse)

Steve claimed his fish sandwich was quite good. Maybe not the BEST.EVER, but certainly one of the top five. My fish tacos were excellent although the seasoning was bit salty (fortunately, the waitress refilled my Styrofoam cup, so I could take it with me on the road. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be thirsty the rest of the day). I’m not sure what made the fish FAMOUS, other than the fish sacrificed his life to ease my hunger pains. After devouring all three tacos and five of Steve’s french-fries, I was filled to the gills.

While Richmond Hill, Georgia is probably not known for fine dining, we did find some of the finest fish north of Florida. 

Watch for Diana’s next edition of “Destinations2Di4” : Sebring Fling coming this Friday, March 29th here on Loveland Beacon.