CHCA’s”101 Dalmations -Kids”

featured 26 students from gardes 4 & 5

By Tammy Rosenfeldt – CHCA 

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, OH (November 8, 2021) – Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy’s Theatre Department presented 101 Dalmatians KIDS October 22nd-23rd at CHCA’s Lindner Theater. Director/Choreographer Mara Wright, Assistant Director Anna Brink, Music Director Adele Enns, and Technical Director Jim Jung led the talented cast, featuring 26 students ranging from Grades 4-5, in this delightful show.

This is a tale of fur-raising adventure as courageous puppies thwart the evil plans of the kidnapping Cruella De Vil and her cronies. The Dalmatians rally the dogs of London to aid in a daring rescue. Audiences were delighted by the catchy, clever, and memorable music and the most adorable heroes to set their paws on stage. The production of 101 Dalmatians KIDS was a reminder that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.

Bennett Beucler and Hailey Tobin performed exceptionally well as Roger and Anita, leading their family of dalmatians. Paxton Haynam and Lucy Ashbrook were darling in the roles of Pongo and Perdita, while their puppies Lucky, Patch, Penny, and Pepper were portrayed by the adorable Noah Rosenfeldt, Lyla Sasse, Faith Henderson, and Caroline Meyer. The family renditions of “Kanine Krunchies” and “Cruella De Vil” were delightful and heartwarming.

Aly Verdin played the part of Cruella De Vil with amazing talent. She commanded the stage with her presence and voice. Her sidekicks Horace and Jasper were hilariously portrayed by Kitan Aina and David Thompson. Guiding the audience along in the story were the talented narrators Logan Beshear, Ethan Ping, Ellery Godby, and Hannah Hopkins.

In addition to the talented cast of actors, the behind-the-scenes crew was run by CHCA Upper School students. Charleigh Wright served as Assistant Student Director/Choreographer with Jacob Kaesemeyer leading the crew as Student Stage Manager.

CHCA 101 Dalmations – Kids cast (Courtesy Dan Ledbetter)

In the show’s playbill, Director Mara Wright shared her thoughts of the life lessons that can be taken from the show:

Dogs. This is a show about dogs. But more than that, it is about their beautiful coats. A dalmatian has a beautiful coat and pattern. They are very unique. But…so are many other breeds of dogs. There are so many good things about dogs that we can emulate as children of God. Here are just a few…

  • A dog’s loyalty shows no bounds
  • Dogs make us smile
  • Dogs are companions and helpers
  • Dogs teach us how to love unconditionally
  • Dogs understand – even when no one else can
  • Dogs jump for joy when they are happy

Dogs are joyful and just make us feel good. Why wouldn’t we want to make others around us feel the same way?

CHCA Fine Arts Director Mona Summers shared, “The show was fun, creative, and the student performers did a great job. Our directors brought it all together so well, working with our student and parent volunteers. Bravo to all involved!”

The show is one of seven theatrical productions at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy this year. Mark your calendars now to attend It’s a Wonderful Life (November 19-21), Moana JR. (January 14-16), 42nd Street (March 11-13), Academy Night Live (April 22-23), and The One Act (May 10).

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