By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (February 20, 2024) – Today’s edition of Fun with Maps celebrates the premier of a popular opera over 200 years ago today.  


Italian opera.  The rock music of its time.

One of the famous opera composers was Gioachino Rossini.  His comic opera, the Barber of Seville, premiered in Rome on February 20, 1816.

The plot is one of comic deception plus a touch of bribery with true love prevailing at the end.  Figaro, the barber, helps a young count rescue his love, Rosina, who otherwise would fall in the lap of her guardian, Dr. Bartolo.  All ended happily, minus for the good Dr.

By the way, in the early 1800s barbers were transforming from the historical barber-surgeon role, performing surgeries, pulling teeth, bloodletting and the like, to focusing on trimming hair, beards, etc. 

Seville is a southern Spanish town.  This map of the Iberian Peninsula, home to Spain and Portugal, is by Elwe from 1792.

Ibernian Peninsula with Spain & Portugal – Circa 1792 (Creidt Steve Kovacs)

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