Multiple events capped off by a moving 9/11 20th Anniversary Memorial made 9/11/21 a day to remember in Loveland, Ohio

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (September 13, 2021) – Saturday, September 11, 2021 could not have been a more beautiful day to remember a more somber day 20 years past. 

Bikes await the Frogman Racers early Saturday morning, September 11, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

A clear, but chilly, morning greeted racers for the start of the Loveland Frogman Race at Loveland Canoe & Kayak early Saturday morning. Shortly after the Frogman participants launched the first wave of individual racers into the Scenic Little Miami River for the 5-mile Kayak portion, racers were lining up in front of Nisbet Park for the Steps n Salutes Green Beret 5K headed north on the Scenic Little Miami River Trail. It was the beginning of a day when Loveland, like communities all around America paused to remember that fateful day 20 years ago – September 11, 2001. 

Green Beret 5K participants showed their support for the military men and women during the Green Beret 5K Saturday, 9/11/2021 (Chuck Gibson)

The City of Loveland 9/11 Memorial capped the day off with a most moving ceremony honoring the first-responders, firefighters, police and all who were lost or lost loved ones September 11, 2001. 

Here are just a couple photos from an event organized by our local Loveland-Symmes Fire Department and other city event organizers. No community across America honored the memory of 9/11/2001 better than our own community of Loveland, Ohio.  Full story and photos to come: 

Lt. Fire Department, New York – Steve Mormino retired, places a memorial wreath at Loveland Memorial during September 11, 20th Anniversary Ceremony in Loveland Saturday evening 9/11/21 (Chuck Gibson)