Local artists organize art tour for Saturday, June 19

By Chuck Gibso

LOVELAND, OH (June 19, 2021) – Today is the day. It is the 1st Loveland Art Gallery Crawl initiated by local artists to highlight the creative art community of Loveland. 

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes in recent months to bring local artists together to help highlight the arts community of Loveland. The 1st Art Gallery Crawl being held Saturday, June 19, will begin at the Loveland Art Studios on Main, then travel through Historic Downtown, and finally finish up at the Whistle Stop Clay Works studio off East Second Street.

The event organization includes numerous local artists, but was co-chaired by local artists Johanna Kremer and Debby Combs. 

All of Loveland’s primary art venues will be hosting Open Houses from 6-9 PM:

1. William Schickel Gallery/Internationally Renowned Artist (112 S. Riverside Dr.)
2. Loveland Art Studios on Main/Featuring 21 Local Artists with Numerous Award-Winning Works (529 Main St.)

STUDIO 101:  Tom Post/Oil Painting
STUDIO 105:  Anjali Alm-Basu/Book Binding & Garment Design
STUDIO 111:  Debby Combs/Oil Painting
STUDIO 112:  Lucinda Peterson/Abstract Oil Painting
STUDIO 114:  Gayle Hixson/Oil Painting & Decorative Design
STUDIO 116: Cindy & Bob Kessler/Stained Glass/Sculpture/Mosaics

Nancy Sullivan:  Fine Art (www.nancysullivanart.com)
Dave Kratzer:  Wood Turner (www.kratzerkraft.com)
John Metz:  Fine Art (www.johnmetzart.com)
Mackenzie Mettey:  Polymer Art (MetteyCreations)

3. The Quilter’s Studio & QSL Workshop/JUST NAMED “TOP SHOP” by Quilt Sampler Magazine (535 W. Loveland Ave.)

4. Art House II/Award-Winning Artist Deirdre Dyson/Recipient of Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati Grand Dame Award (430 W. Loveland Ave.)

5. Nancy Ford Cones Gallery
Loveland Museum Center
Internationally Acclaimed Photographer  (201 Riverside Dr.)

6. Grailville Exhibit/The Oratory/Featuring “Our Good Green Earth” Exhibit/Ingrid Farnham & the Artists of Visionaries
 (931 O’Bannonville Rd.)

7. Whistle Stop Clay Works
Featuring Multiple Ceramic Artists & Pottery Wheel Demos
(119 Harrison Ave.)

STUDIO 117: G. Hixson & Claire Long/Fine Art & Decorative Design                                   STUDIO 124: Mary Beth Thompson Dowlin/Oil Painting
STUDIO 145B: Kim Wanamaker/Oil Painting
STUDIOS 147-149:  Charlie Beck/Graphite & Honey Distributor
STUDIO 202: Nancy Kanienberg/Fine Art & Silk Scarves
STUDIO 205:  Jacqui Rohner/Fine Artist & Educator/Offering Free Face Painting!
STUDIO 207:  Becky Linhardt/Artist/Photographer/Designer
STUDIO 211:  Monica Anne Achberger/Oil Painting & Watercolors
STUDIO B1:  Teresa Nieberding/Fiber Arts

Several Loveland businesses supporting Loveland artists will also be participating:

1.  Designed2Sell eXp/Gina Dubell-Smith/Various Fine Artists
     442 W. Loveland Ave.
2.  The Retreat Loveland/Various Fiber Artists
     210 Harrison Ave.
3. The Wicked Pickle/Tom Post & Kim Wanamaker
     123 Railroad Ave.
4.  Ramsey’s/Various Artists
     119 Harrison Ave.
5   Paxton’s Grill/Various Artists
     126 W. Loveland Ave.
6.  Trailside Provisions/Julie Christmann
     120 Karl Brown Way
7.  Bond Furniture & Design/Eileen McConkey
     113 Karl Brown Way


Visit the William Schickel Gallery (Provided) 

The half-mile route features “Hop On/Hop Off” transportation, which will shuttle people to participating venues, looping around town making stops at seven marked locations:


The Loveland Art Gallery Crawl starts in the Schutte Dry Cleaners parking lot on the corner of West Loveland and Riverside. This is the first of 7 HOP-ON/HOP-OFF locations. Art Crawlers can board the Loveland SHUTTLE  or walk to the first Art Gallery Crawl:

ART GALLERY VENUE #1: The William Schickel Gallery (112 S. Riverside Dr.): Featuring the work of internationally acclaimed Loveland Artist William Schickel. Walk down Riverside Drive, cross the street, and then turn right on Main Street. At the end of the street, you’ll come to…
ART GALLERY VENUE #2/BUSINESS PATRON #1: Loveland Artists on Main (529 Main Street, across from the Loveland Post Office): This venue is featuring 21 Artists in Residence! On the second floor, there will be free face painting by I.C.C. Studio! (This is a Hop-On/Hop-Off Pick-up Stop!) Turning right on Loveland Madeira Road, you’ll find… 
ART GALLERY VENUE #3: The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & QSL Workshop (535 West Loveland Ave): This gallery is featuring various quilt & fiber artists. Crossing the street and turning right on West Loveland Ave., then walking to the corner of West Loveland and Wall Street, will get you to…
BUSINESS-PATRON #2: Gina Dubell-Smith’s Galley (442 W. Loveland Ave.): Featuring multiple artists at her Designed2Sell eXp Realty office. Two houses down on the same side of the street is…
ART GALLERY VENUE #4: Art House II Gallery (430 W. Loveland Ave.): Featuring the works of famed local Artist Deirdre Dyson. Then the Art Gallery Crawl turns left on Riverside Drive to visit…
ART GALLERY VENUE #5: The Nancy Ford Cones Gallery at The Loveland Museum Center (201 Riverside Dr.), featuring the work of internationally acclaimed artist Nancy Ford Cones. (This is a Hop-On/Hop-Off Pick-up Stop!) The crawl then turns around and heads toward Historic Downtown Loveland, stopping first at the corner of West Loveland and Karl Brown Way for…
BUSINESS-PATRON #3: The Retreat Loveland (210 Harrison Ave.): This B&B houses quilters and fiber artists and can be rented throughout the year. (This is a Hop-On/Hop-Off Pick-up Stop!)
ART GALLERY VENUE #6: Grailville Exhibit at The Oratory: Note: This exhibit is now solely at 931 O’Bannonville Road. Next, the crawl turns right on Railroad Road and stops at…
BUSINESS-PATRON #4: The Wicked Pickle (123 Railroad Ave) to view works by Tom Post & Kim Wanamaker, both artists from the Loveland Art Studios on Main  (529 Main St.). Walking further down Railroad Ave., on the right you’ll find…
BUSINESS-PATRON #5: Ramsey’s Trailside (200 W. Loveland Ave.) featuring several artists’ work from Loveland Art Studios on Main  (529 Main St.). Across the street is…
BUSINESS-PATRON #6: Paxton’s Grill (126 W. Loveland), featuring several local artists and their works throughout the year! Crossing West Loveland Ave., crawlers will arrive at…
BUSINESS-PATRON #7: Trailside Provisions (120 Karl Brown Way): Featuring mosaic Artist Julie Christmann.  Walking around the building you’ll come to Karl Brown Way, and across the street you’ll find…
BUSINESS-PATRON #8: Bond Furniture & Design (113 Karl Brown Way): Featuring the work of local artist Eileen McConley and more!
PARKING: Linda J. Cox Trailside Parking Lot: This is a Hop-On/Hop-Off Pick-up Stop! From here, Art Gallery Crawlers can take the shuttle to…

ART GALLERY VENUE #7: Whistle Stop Clay Works (119 Harrison Ave.): Featuring multiple ceramic artists, along with a pottery wheel demonstration and several more raffles! This is a Hop-On/Hop-Off Pick-up Stop! From here, the Loveland Shuttle heads back toward Historic Downtown Loveland, traveling over the bridge to the parking lot of Shutte Dry Cleaners, where the loop around Loveland begins again!

All are welcome.

TIME:         6-9 PM