Wishing abundant blessings of

family and food upon your home today

From Chuck Gibson – Loveland Beacon

LOVELAND, OH (Thanksgiving Day 2022, November 24) – It begins with family and ends with family, but as Lovelnad Beacon celebrated 3 years of serving the community of Loveland in October and now heads into year four, I am most grateful for this extended family of readers and supporters who are the storires of Loveland Beacon every day all year long. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2022 (I-stock Image)

Yes on October 1, 2022, Loveland Beacon celebrated our three year anniversary. It is a day that simply could not have happened without YOU, our readers. Thank you for sharing your stories, for reading, for supporting and for your trust in Loveland Beacon: Shining a Light for Loveland & Surrounding Communities. 

Here is a look at what your support has looked like in the first three years viewing, reading, sharing and trusting Loveland Beacon as your local source of journalism. 

  • You have shown up as more than 540,000 unique visitors in 3 years.
  • You have viewed an average of 50,000 stories monthly.
  • That’s 1.8 million story views in 3 years.
  • Loveland Beacon published 2,540 stories in 156 weeks 
  • That is more than 16 stories per week (3+ each day) 

The list is long, too long to name all who have contributed, but know I am truly grateful to each and everyone throughout our great community for your unique contributions to the success of Loveland Beacon. Thanksgiving is truly about family, and the opportunity to show our gratitude for all that family has given us throughout the 365 days that make up each year. Yes, I count each of you as a member of the Loveland Beacon family, but most importantly, I am grateful for my family, especially my loving wife Susan. She is the one who shows care and understanding each and every day as I work to publish the Loveland Beacon in service to our community . So, for Susan Gibson and her great love, I am most thankful on this day and all days. May God continue to bless her and us together with all our family. 


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. 

Chuck Gibson – Loveland Beacon