Gold Financial Services partners with Biggby Coffee and

The Works Pizza Restaurant to raise funds for CFK

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (July 13, 2022) – Thursday, July 14, 2022 is “Give Back” day for Gold Financial Services all across the nation and here locally branch manager Brent Zuch has organized a fundraiser to benefit Loveland-based CancerFree KIDS (CFK).

Zuch has partnered with the two local Biggby Coffee locations owned by Dustin Hepburn – Harper’s Point and Branch Hill Guinea – along with The Works Pizza Restaurant in Loveland owned by Jamie and Scott Gordon to raise money for CFK on “Give Back” day. Here’s how it works: stop by either of the Biggby locations and mention the Gold Financial Services Give Back fundraiser and he’ll donate $1 per cup to CFK. Or, stop in for lunch or dinner at The Works Pizza Restaurant and the Gordon’s will donate 10% of your bill to CFK. Zuch will also be making a personal donation to the Give Back fundraiser for CancerFree KIDS.

“My company Gold Financial Services, a mortgage bank, is owned by a third generation mortgage banker, Mike Goldman who is an amazing person; a leader,” said Zuch. “He believes that you should give back to the communities you work in; not just to the letter of the law with community reinvestment acts, but actually getting involved in your community.”

Getting involved in his home community of Loveland is not new for Brent Zuch. He grew up here, was even a classmate of Scott Gordon in Loveland schools and served the city as a member of Loveland City Council in the past. As branch manager for the company locally, he talked about their culture of giving to their local communities.

“We take one day out of the year in which the entire company tries to do something locally in a charitable manner,” Zuch explained. “You can go to Give Back Day on Gold Financial’s website and just see all the different things being done all throughout the country on the 14th of July.”

That’s the reason Thursday, July 14, 2022 is a “Give Back Day” here in Loveland. Why CancerFree KIDS? A simple reason is that CFK is a local charity founded and based right here in Loveland. It goes beyond that for Brent Zuch who is familiar with them from his days serving as a member of Loveland City Council and his involvement with then Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Choosing CFK reaches even deeper for him.

“I think we’ve all been touched by friends and family members who have suffered through cancer,” said Zuch. “I had a grandmother who died in her 40’s. My mom and my sister recovered, and recently I lost a very good childhood friend who grew up here in Loveland with me. As horrible as cancer is, and as universal as it is, I can only imagine what it would be like as a parent to watch your child suffer through it.”

Zuch recognizes CancerFree KIDS as a very worthy cause. He remembered how Scott and Jamie Gordon had helped him out with fundraisers in the past and immediately thought of them when planning for this July 14th “Give Back” event.

“They are very charitable people in their spirits, so I immediately thought of them,” he said.

He also thought of his friend Dustin Hepburn and his Biggby Coffee locations in the Greater Loveland area.

“I reached out to him, and he said ‘Oh yeah, absolutely’,” said Zuch.

That brings us to how you can help give back tomorrow, Thursday, July 14. Simply stop by for a coffee from a variety of flavored coffee blends offered at either of the two Biggby Coffee locations and Dustin Hepburn will donate $1 per cup to the cause.

  • Biggby Coffee at: 732 Middleton Way (off Branch Hill Guinea in Loveland) or Biggby Coffee at: 8185 Hetz Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (Harper’s Point)

You can also make it lunch or dinner at

  • The Works Pizza Restaurant at 20 Grear Millitzer Lane, Loveland, OH (Right behind Loveland City Hall and along the “Loveland Bike Trail”) The Gordon’s will donate 10% of your total bill to the give back fundraiser supporting CancerFree KIDS.

Zuch also says if you can’t make it out for coffee, lunch or dinner at those locations, but you think supporting CancerFree KIDS is a good cause, you can donate direct by dropping off a check at any of the locations or even at CancerFree KIDS. Any amount helps.

“Thank you very much for the awesome work CancerFree KIDS does. It’s an amazing local charity with a great cause,” Zuch said. “Also thanks very much to Dustin Hepburn and Biggby’s for participating in this and of course my old friends Jamie and Scott Gordon at The Works once again for their charitable efforts.”

Gold Financial Services “Give Back Day”

  • Thursday, July 14, 2022
  • Biggby Coffeee donating $1 per cup when you mention the fundraiser
  • The Works Pizza Restaurant donating 10% of your bill when you mention the fundraiser.
  • Give Back Day proceeds benefit CancerFree KIDS

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Questions: Contact Brent Zuch at