A week of lows closes with slight

bounce-back hope

A Presentation of Loveland Beacon in partnership with Jarvis Global Investments, LLC

LOVELAND, OH (August 18, 2023) – This week found a week of “lows” in the market but Friday brought hope of a slight bounce back. This edition of Taking Stock, you’ll hear Art Jarvis discussing the pull back in the market.

Art Jarvis, Founder President of Jarvis Global Investments, LLC -Featured expert on Taking Stock (Photo provided)

Art will take us through lower inflation numbers with the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI). Where is the housing market? He touches on that, and other economic indicators like the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) retail sales numbers and a look at current unemployment numbers. Listen in to hear about behavioral finance and how all this affects you at home right now.

This is: TAKING STOCK WITH ART JARVIS on Loveland Beacon

NOTE: Approximate run time is 32:00 minutes



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