Loveland Beacon is proud to announce another new audio/video feature

Produced and written by: Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (May 22, 2023) –  Loveland Beacon Talks is proud to introduce the first edition of “Taking Stock with Art Jarvis” – an audio/video feature providing insight into economic trends impacting your personal finances. 

Taking Stock features Art Jarvis, Founder and President of Jarvis Global Investments.

For many of us in the Loveland and surrounding community Art Jarvis needs no introduction. He is an active member of the community, and fully invested in the good of our community. Art Jarvis is likewise uniquely qualified to share investment insights for our personal investing and understanding of economic trends impacting our daily lives and investments. He has more than 30 years experience with investments and over 15 years running his own investment firm: Jarvis Global Investments. 

In today’s first edition of Taking Stock with Art Jarvis, he’ll talk a little about the economic turns which have resulted from the recent pandemic -COVID 19 and top-most on the minds of Americans right now the on-going United States Government Debt Ceiling negotiations. 

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