Drone used to show the creative fun Loveland School Bus Drivers can have

Courtesy Andrew Setters, Director of Communications, Loveland Schools

LOVELAND, OH (September 23, 2022) – Recently the Loveland City School District bus drivers got very creative in sharing their message to “come work with us” addressing the need for bus drivers in the district. 

School busses spell out LOVELAND (Provided)

NOTE: Special thanks to Lisa Morehead, Loveland School Bus Driver who spearheaded this special effort by Loveland bus drivers.

Here is the message from Andrew Setter and Loveland City School District (LCSD) about how they are taking on the shortage/need for school bus drivers: 

 Loveland City School District is working to tackle the national bus driver shortage in a creative way. Our transportation department teamed up with our high school digital media production students to stage a cool event in the high school parking lot – spelling out LOVELAND with 37 school buses. By showing off our community spirit, we’re hoping to show that Loveland City School District is a great place to drive a bus – and our kids get to do really cool things too!
There are a few files in the Google Drive link below – one that our videography students put together that gives some behind-the-scenes as the project was coming together. There is also a  great drone shot that pulls out to show the great overhead shot of LOVELAND. 
If you want more information about our recent work to recruit and retain bus drivers, here is an article on our website that tells you more
Link to Google Drive is HERE
CLICK HERE to watch video of the busses spelling out LOVELAND.
CLICK HERE to watch video of bus drivers with promotional banner.
More on Loveland Schools at: www.lovelandschools.org