The community gathering was truly

a celebration of Coach Darnell Parker

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (August 5, 2022) – There was a funeral service and burial held last Saturday, July 30, for Coach Darnell Parker. Emotions must have run high during the services as his family said goodbye to their loved one.

Coach Darnell Parker memorial bench (Photo Rob Edgar)

Coach Parker was loved by many whose lives he touched over the years, but he was especially loved here in Loveland where he helped shape the lives of many students in the Loveland Schools while serving as basketball coach for the LHS girls basketball team. Loveland school officials recognized the impact Coach Parker had in the schools and the community at large. They invited the community to a special Celebration of Coach Parker’s life from 2-4 p.m. at the Loveland High School Gym last Saturday, July 30, following the funeral and burial service.  

LHS Girls Basketball Coach Darnell Parker (FILE)

“It is important for our community to come together and remember Darnell, who made such an impact on our student-athletes,” Superintendent Mike Broadwater said when announcing plans for the Celebration of Coach Parker’s life.  “The lessons he taught extended far beyond the basketball court and he will be greatly missed.”

The plan was for an informal open house from 2-4 p.m. in the high school gym so the community could come together to pay their respects, remember and celebrate Coach Parker. People were already gathered before 2 p.m.  A video showing Coach Darnell Parker with family, friends, players he coached and so much more played for all to see.

Here are still photos of some of those video scenes: 

Coach Parker courtside during LHS basketball (Photo Rob Edgar from video image)

Coach Parker from his Finneytown HS coaching days (Photo from video image by Rob Edgar)

The scenes from all the different walks of his life; whether with family, friends, or on the basketball courts with so many players he coached shared one common look – then energetic, life-loving and life-giving smile of a happy Darnell Parker. His joy was infectious then and just as alive in the video as if he was standing right there smiling at you in the moment.

A panoramic view inside the gym during The Celebration of Coach Parker’s life Saturday July 30, 2022 (Photo Rob Edgar)

People came. People showed their respect for a man who gave inspiration to so many, not only in his battle against cancer, but in the time he shared with family, friends and especially the many young lives he touched as a coach. Saturday, July 30, inside the high school gym, the community of Loveland truly CELEBRATED THE LIFE of COACH DARNELL PARKER. Sure they did it with stories and memories, but most of all they did it with their smiles while sharing their personal memories of Coach Parker.

A joyous Coach Parker cutting down the nets (Photo of video image by Rob Edgar)

Energy Enthusiasm Excitement from Coach Parker (Photo of video image by Rob Edgar)

Just one of the many photos on display around the gym (Photo by Rob Edgar)

Loved, remembered and a life celebrated Coach Darnell Parker (Photo Rob Edgar)

REST IN PEACE Coach Darnell Parker. Thank you for all you did for so many of us.

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