Our Core Mission

The Mission of Loveland Beacon is to provide a trusted and true online news and information source for people of the greater Loveland communities. Spotlighting the people, places and things all around the community to provide an accurate, timely and inspirational unbiased objective account for residents and visitors to make knowledgeable decisions impacting life in the city where we love to live, work and play together. Loveland Beacon will gather news and information to meet the highest standards of public trust and journalism practices to feature content and stories about the people, events and news throughout our community.

Our Guiding Principles

Loveland Beacon, at its very core, is a news media and communications organization. Our news content, editorial, and feature stories, whether appearing online in the form of the written word, spoken word, photographic depiction, or video, must adhere to the highest standards of journalism, to ensure our honesty, integrity, and credibility. Our journalism must be accurate, fair, and complete as is possible. We will conduct ourselves as respectful journalists always striving to assure independent and impartial communication of information. We will use methods transparent and visible to the public and will be accountable for all we communicate.

In gathering the news, information and stories of those who serve and influence our communities, we hold each to a high standard of honesty and integrity. We must be held to an equally high standard as we communicate their stories. This daily process of journalism brings into focus the clearest picture of the community where we live, work and play together. Every step in this process, from information gathering, writing, editing, to final presentation of the stories, has the ability to strengthen or erode the public trust in our work. We work diligently every step of the way to earn and protect the trust of the people.

The principles outlined here are meant as a guide for our journalism as it is clearly communicated and distinguished, to earn and maintain the public confidence. The regular discussion and debate of how we apply these principles in our work will guide us to produce journalism worthy of the Loveland Beacon name and the very people of the communities we serve. 

Chuck Gibson, Founder, Editor, Journalist Loveland Beacon

Chuck Gibson, Founder/Editor Loveland Beacon

Freelance Journalist with over 35 years in News and Sports journalism in broadcast, print and digital online communications media. I tell other people’s stories. Every story is pursued with the highest standard of honesty, fairness and integrity. I earned my Broadcast Communications/Journalism degree at the College Conservatory of Music – Broadcast Division, of The University of Cincinnati

I am a husband, father, and grandfather. I have been a resident of the Loveland community since 1998 and continue to reside in the Miami Township area of Loveland with my wife Susan. I enjoy riding my bicycle – on the Scenic Little Miami River Trail and on the roads too. Sue and I enjoy practicing our faith as part of the St. Columban Catholic Church Community. We also appreciate the variety of opportunities in our community to enjoy dining, arts, entertainment and outdoor activities with friends and family.

I have been an active volunteer in Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross nationally and locally with Matthew 25 Ministries, and other ministries and charitable organizations.