14 Loveland community kids among scholarship winners

FROM: Tammy Rosenfeldt, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Edited for publication)

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP (September 12, 2022) – Current Upper School students at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy were recognized recently for their academic accomplishments, leadership, and service contributions.

At a recognition breakfast on August 30, 2022, the following scholarship awards were granted for the 2022-2023 school year: The Beacon Scholarship, The Carl & Martha Lindner Armleder Alumni Scholarship, The Farmer Family Armleder Alumni Scholarship, The Cum Laude Scholarship, and a scholarship from The Fund for Independent Schools in Cincinnati (FISC).

At the heart of CHCA’s promise to students is the commitment to fully prepare them for lives of significant impact and influence. The Beacon Scholarships are designed to recognize leaders who embody this promise. CHCA intentionally seeks out students who share that commitment and will make a positive impact during their years enrolled at the school. Candidates are considered based upon student responses in the admission application (for new students), overall strength of scholarship application, and potential for positive contribution to the CHCA community.

Including 14 students from the Loveland & Symmes Township community highlighted in BOLD, the students recognized this year are as follows:

Ananya Annapantula (of Mason), Isabella Basalo (of Mason), Lucy Beatty (of Blue Ash), Ahva Bishop (of Sycamore Twp), Alyssa Bishop (of Sycamore Twp), Valyn Bryant (of Springfield Twp), Kamdyn Carlson (of Cincinnati), Jagger Dollenmeyer (of Liberty Twp), Elizabeth Eldredge (of Mason), Claire Fancett (of Symmes Twp), Dillon Fox (of Lebanon), Carson Grill (of Liberty Twp), Linley Helms (of Montgomery), ,Grace Holman (of Loveland), Elizabeth Kern (of Loveland), Natalie Kraft (of Mason), Max Labin (of Loveland), Brooke Lipcius (of Loveland), Andrew Lott (of Loveland), Nolan Miller (of Mason), Oscar Nieves Reyes (of Sycamore Twp), Evan Northup (of Loveland), Griffin Ridner Richard (of Maineville), Luke Sanders (of Batavia), Lania Skinner (of Lebanon), Evi Sobb (of Maineville), Evan Strittholt (of Loveland), Evan Thomas (of Maineville), Kayla Wilking (of West Chester), Olivia Wojciechowski (of West Chester), Addison Wolfe (of South Lebanon), Jillian Wolfe (of South Lebanon), Blake Yoder (of Dayton), Kinley Yoder (of Dayton), Skylar Yoder (of Dayton), and Leah Young (of Loveland).

The Lindner and Farmer families, whose generosity made possible the birth and ongoing operations of CHCA’s Armleder School in downtown Cincinnati, established the following scholarships to recognize leaders of Armleder’s graduating Grade 6 class, and to ensure a path for these top students to continue their CHCA experience through to the Upper School. Students are selected by a committee who reviews their academic record, as well as their contributions in and out of the classroom. The Carl & Martha Lindner Armleder Alumni Scholarship recipients are Alexis Borreson (of Cincinnati) and Miles Harris (of Cincinnati). The Farmer Family Armleder Alumni Scholarship recipient is Leslie Yoc Ambrocio (of Cincinnati).

The Fund for Independent Schools in Cincinnati (FISC) is a third-party endowment whose proceeds provide scholarships to the leading private schools across Cincinnati for high school students of color. CHCA receives the funds from the endowment and distributes them to deserving CHCA students who meet the FISC criteria. Eligible students are chosen based on their application, an essay, and a letter of recommendation. This year’s FISC Scholarship recipient is Esther Onadeko (of Mason).


Finally, The Cum Laude Scholarships are awarded to academically gifted students with a proven record of achievement. Awards recognize students scoring exceptionally high among peers enrolled at or pursuing selective admission at independent schools, based upon qualifying test scores. Each of these students represents incredible academic promise and potential that CHCA looks forward to developing as they are challenged to fully explore the life of the mind.

Including 5 kids from the Loveland community, this year’s Upper School Cum Laude Scholarship recipientsare:

Isabella Brink (of Lebanon), Caleb Comstock (of Mason), Maria Cullen (of Loveland), Austin Doyle (of Cincinnati), Surya Easwaran (of Mason), Jackson Farnham (of Monroe), Ella Helms (of Montgomery), Paige Huiet (of Loveland), Liam McGeady (of Liberty Twp), Andrew Michel (of Cincinnati), Esther Onadeko (of Mason), Chi-Yuk Quo (of Symmes Twp), Beckham Romanello (of Hamilton), Kyle Russell (of Wilmington), Elsa Schultz (of Loveland), Marcus Sheanshang (of Indian Hill), Christopher Slemons (of Loveland), Gabriel Stuk (of Loveland), and Kylene Werner (of Maineville).

CHCA’s Upper School Principal, Heather Wilkowski commented on what the student recognition means and how each student recognized impacts the overall student body at CHCA. 

“The students being recognized today truly embody the Learn, Lead, and Serve motto of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. They each bring unique gifts to our student body,1and I am excited to see the great things they will accomplish during their time at CHCA.” – Heather Wilkowski, Principal, CHCA Upper School