Hi everybody. Thank you for “clicking in.” I’m Chuck Gibson, founder and editor of Loveland Beacon. I am so pleased to welcome each of you to this October 1, 2019 inaugural edition of Loveland Beacon. I hope you will enjoy reading about the people, places and things happening in our community; the place we love to live, work and play together. Here at Loveland Beacon, I promise to share your stories, to “Shine a Light for Loveland & Communities” with News, Features, Schools, and Life stories. First, a little about what brought us here and how we hope you’ll join us on this journalistic journey.

Many of you know me as a local resident – I like to say member of the Loveland family. Others may at least recognize my name/byline Chuck Gibson from reading the local newspapers over the years. As a freelance journalist living in Loveland, I have been privileged to share your stories in several publications including the Cincinnati Enquirer, Loveland Herald and Community Press newspapers for 16-plus years. You shared with me your stories of victory and defeat, joy and sadness, charity and love, history and development, turmoil and peace, even simple fun and games. Most of all, YOU gave me YOUR trust to share YOUR stories on the printed pages of our local newspapers.

We shared a sense of sadness watching what can only be described as the demise of local newspapers as a reliable source of news and information in our community. Those changes eliminated staff writers, reporters, photographers, and editors reducing the size and exacting a toll on the quality content of our local papers. It was discouraging to witness. In the lost I found encouraging support from many of you calling on me to continue sharing your stories. You urged me to start my own newspaper, or in this case, online news site. I thought long and hard about how I could continue to serve you, sharing stories of the people of our community. My thoughts ranged from starting up a new print newspaper, blog, or podcasting (after all, I did get my start in radio and television news and sports).

Each was given due consideration, but, in the end, I am a writer, an experienced professional journalist. You showed me your trust and encouraged me to write your stories during the last 16 years. Telling other people’s stories is what I do. It is what you have asked me to continue. It is what you trusted me to do sharing more than one-thousand stories over these many years. Your trust is not misplaced. I will continue to share your stories – all sides – with the same journalistic principles of honesty and integrity which guided me along the journey to this new place. Thus, Loveland Beacon is born today.

I thank you for your trust and encouragement all along the way. I count on each of you, like family and a trusted friend, for your support. Each of you is a valued resource in Shining a Light for Loveland and communities. I hope you’ll visit daily and share your stories in our home community where we love to live, work and play. . . together. See you here at LovelandBeacon.com. Together, We Can Make A Difference.

My sincere thanks and welcome to all,
Chuck Gibson,
Founder/Editor Loveland Beacon