The St. Columban Boosters Friday Fish Fry is back  

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 25, 2022) – Get hooked! It’s time for the annual Lenten season Friday Fish Fry.

For the six Friday’s of Lent, the St. Columban Boosters will be serving up the Friday Fish Fry. They’ll have all the traditional fish choices for you. Fried fish on rye bread or a bun, salmon, fish tacos and fried shrimp warp head the list. Of course not everybody loves fish. Not to worry, St. Columban has that covered with cheese pizza from Jet’s Pizza. 

That’s not all. A new classic has been added to the menu this year too. Who won’t want to try out a classic Grilled Cheese sandwich? It is an American favorite. You even have options on how to order, pick-up and where to eat your favorite Friday Fish Fry from St. Columban.

“There is nothing better than fried fish from the cafeteria of a Catholic Church,” said Terri Kerley, St. Columban. “This year, we will be offering our drive thru line where you can drive up, place your order and pick it up at the end of the line.”

St. Columban Fish Fry: Friday’s March 4- April 8. , (Provided)

There was another extremely popular order option last year according to Kerley.

“It is our online order and pick up curbside at a designated time,” Kerley said. “Simply go online to our website,, and place your order, pay for it and select a time for pick up. Pull in front of the school at your designated time and we will bring the food right to your car.”

There’s more than the main entrée too. You can select from a variety of “sides” to round out your Lenten Fish Fry meal. The St. Columban Boosters offer the following choices to delight your taste buds and fill your tummy: French fries, baked potato, green beans, apple sauce, cole slaw, and gourmet salad.

St. Columban Church – Loveland, OHIO (Chuck Gibson)

Once you’ve ordered, paid and picked up your meal, St. Columban is offering a eat-in option as well Kerley says. Again, once you’ve chosen one of the two (drive thru order and pick-up, or online order and designated pick-up) options for getting your fish fry meal, then you can park and take your food inside to eat with your family and friends.

“Maybe you want to eat it right then, or make a night of it,” said Kerley. “You can pull over to the church parking lot and take your food to our Parish Hall (located downstairs from the main church) and dine in where drinks will also be available for purchase.

If you need a little dessert to go with your meal, don’t forget various groups from St. Columban will be offering some baked sweet treats to benefit their ministry.

“Can’t wait to see everyone again this year,” Kerley said. “Starting Friday March 4th from 5:00-7:30.”

St. Columban Fish Fry – St. Columban Church – 894 Oakland Rd. – Loveland, OH

  • Every Friday during Lent beginning Friday, March 4, thru Friday, April 8
  • Time: 5 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Visit: for more information, or call 513-683-0105
  • The chairs of this year’s event are Erin Sunderman and Maura Walker!