By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 22, 2020) – In Issue 10 of Steve Kovacs: Fun with Maps feature reveals the truth (and humor) of where time began.

Steve Kovacs, Loveland resident and antique map collector (Provided)

“Where time begins”: aka the Royal Greenwich Observatory was established on this day in 1675

Charles II of England established the Royal Observatory outside of London at the village of Greenwich in 1675.  For years to come this was an important place where astronomers gazed at the heavens through their telescopes. 

After much international debate, this site was later chosen for the location of Prime Meridian.  So, you can stand here on both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at the same time.  Also, you can set your watch to the exact time, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) that is.  Technically each new day starts at the Greenwich, hence the advertising slogan for the Observatory “where time begins.” 

And as a bonus, visitors can check the accuracy of their rulers using the standard lengths which are on a wall here – an exact yard, exact foot, etc. 

This humorous pictorial map of London by MacDonald-Gill is from 1928.    

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Fun Map of London – 1928 (Credit Steve Kovacs)