From the Poets Corner collection

By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (April 10, 2024) – Poet Susan F. Adams takes to the highway on the Interstate.

Susan and Donald with their Interstate Gold Wing (Courtesy Susan Adams)

Today’s “Poets Corner” is inspired by the comment of a friend.

Susan shared the following story about the inspiration for today’s feature poem: The Saga of our Interstate

Here’s Susan’s commentary:   

Once in a while someone will say something that gets my attention. Only to have it end up in poem later on – as if Don had said it, or done it. The last two verses of this poem were inspired by something Keith Kennedy told me.   – Susan F. Adams

The Saga of Our Interstate

My rider took our Interstate

          over the highways to roam,

And when he came back

          he had a lot more chrome.


Pinstriping, luggage rack

          and a CB were added,

And a thick, black sheepskin

          to keep our rears well padded.


Light bars, turning lights,

          and a chrome grill too,

And floor boards to replace the pegs

          for his co-rider named Sue.

An eagle to our windshield,

          chrome covers for the front wheel,

All because he couldn’t resist

          such an exceptionally good deal.


“You need tires right away,”

          said our mechanic Jimmy,

But the tires that he bought

          were attached to a new SE.


Thus ends the saga

          of the Interstate we did own,

Just because that SE said, “Buy me!

          I’m yours! You can take me right home”!

Susan F. Adams January 7, 1995

(Note: This was previously published in the April 1995 issue of Ohio Wing News)

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