The first cone served,

spring has arrived in Loveland

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (March 2, 2024) – It was more like winter with a temperature of 42 degrees and sleet mixing with the rainfall at the 2 p.m. opening, but Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day brought spring to Loveland anyway Friday, March 1st.

Wintery weather for the Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day – doesn’t matter spring has arrived in Loveland, OHIO (Chuck Gibson)

After all it is a tradition and those who line up for the first Loveland Dairy Whip (LDW) soft serve creamy whip cone every year have seen a lot worse than a little sleet mixed with rain. They come for the “best ice cream in all of Cincinnati” as MaryAnn Telles said she tells everyone from Western Hills where she comes from. She and her friend Richard Trasser (he lives right here in Loveland on Branch Hill Guinea Pike) have made it something of a tradition themselves with frequent visits for the best soft serve at the LDW on Opening Day and throughout the ice cream season. 

Loveland Valenitine Ladies Kay Bolin and Becky Giver with Teresa Flint-Morgan in the background ready for the first LDW cone of the 2024 season (Chuck Gibson )

Loveland Dairy Whip is open serving up soft serve ice cream and specialty desserts daily 2-9 p.m (Chuck Gibson)

For the record, the first official cone of the 2024 season was served to the 2024 Loveland Valentine Lady Becky Giver at the walk-up window. Officially MaryAnn and Richard were second after kindly stepping aside to allow the “celebrity” Loveland Valentine Ladies to go first. The first cone out the window? Of course it was a chocolate/vanilla swirl with eyes.

“We’ve been here a lot in the past,” said Telles holding her waffle cone favorite flavor. “Strawberry,” she said and Richard added “Mine is just plain vanilla.”

Richard Trasser and MaryAnn Telles – first non-Valentine Ladies customers at LDW on Opening Day 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

The Loveland Valentine Ladies upheld their tradition of showing up in force to support the Loveland Dairy Whip and owners Teresa and Rick Morgan. It is more than a tradition for the Morgan’s. It is a family business first started by Teresa’s parents, the Flints, in 1955 in this very same location in this very same building. Next year will be the 70th anniversary for the Loveland Dairy Whip. The Flint’s did sell it once, but Teresa and Rick bought it back in 1993.

“This is our 31st year,” chimed in a very busy Teresa as she took, prepared and delivered ice cream orders out the drive-thru window.

Teresa Flint-Morgan at her familiar LDW Opening Day drive-thru window post (Chuck Gibson)

It is her familiar place on Opening Day. She seems to recognize every person (and their dogs too) as they pull up to the window to place their order. Teresa never fails to greet them with a welcome back smile and a shared memory from their past visits. Though her sister Rita had to miss the LDW Opening Day one year ago as she recovered from a surgery, she was back at the walk-up window delivering that first cone of the 2024 season on Friday. Rick Morgan was busily preparing whatever cones, shakes, sundaes and hot carmel cakes Teresa and Rita hollered out as a steady flow of customers came throughout the Opening Day afternoon. Teresa, Rita and Rick offered knowing smiles to familiar faces the whole day through.

Rick Morgan, Teresa Morgan and her sister Rita all hands on deck busy during LDW Opening Day Friday, March 1, 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

“We have some people that come almost every day,” said Rick. “They might just get a cone or a shake. Teresa probably has a better sense of how often the “regulars” visit during the season. We have some customers we know by what they order.”

Family business and tradition come together on Opening Day each year at the Loveland Dairy Whip on the first weekend of March. In Loveland, Ohio it is the true rite of spring no matter the weather. Just look around as the Loveland schools students show up for their first “Whippy Dip” Loveland Dairy Whip cones of the year. 

Logan Keil came straight from LHS to the LDW drive thru for his first cone of the season on Opening Day (Chuck Gibson)

They come straight from school; whether it is LHS, LIS, LMS driving themselves, riding with mom or dad, or walking, they find their way to the LDW on Opening Day.

All the old familiar ice cream treats are available right now for the 2024 ice cream season at Loveland Dairy Whip. There might even be some new toppings on the menu before the season comes to a close at the end of September. Don’t forget you can contact Rick and schedule the Mini-LDW to come to your special event too.

“I have a 50 desert minimum with two options,” Rick said about the Mini LDW. “I have cones only which is a little cheaper or I have all the deserts.”

Rita taking that first LDW cone of the 2024 season order Opening Day 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

The Loveland Valentine Ladies supporting the Loveland Dairy Whip on Opening Day 2024 – it is a tradition! (Chuck Gibson)

The first family at the LDW Opening Day 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

Loveland Dairy Whip is OPEN – Spring has arrived in Loveland, OHIO Friday, March 1, 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

Loveland Dairy Whip is open Now thru the last weekend of September 2024. Daily hours are 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. Serving up your favorite soft-served ice cream and toppings along with a wide variety of specialty desserts: cakes, sundaes, shakes and more. 

Visit for more details and to set up your special event with the Mini LDW.