DAILY FEATURE: By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (September 14, 2020) – In Issue 70 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps we look at the Germany of Marx – Wait, not Groucho, or Harpo?

Groucho Marx – famous comedian, not the author Karl Marx (Stock photo)

Das Kapital – Karl Marx

Karl Marx published his famous book, Das Kapital in 1867 on this day.   In this book he presented a critical analysis of the political economy and basically implied that socialist mode of production is inevitable.

His ideas were born from the economic struggles and political unrests of the 1800s.  His and Fredrich Engels’s teachings appealed to many, and numerous experiments were run on a large scale by multiple countries, as you know.

However, all failed, or are failing, at the end in sustainably delivering the basic promise of better life for the workers.   (China doesn’t count in this regard as their system might be Communist politically but does not follow the economic side of Marx’s teachings.)

Marx was born in Trier, Germany to a well to do family.   He lived in a number of European cities after being ejected from one country after another, and died in London in poverty.  

Here is Teesdale’ s map of the German States from 1831.

Map of the German States from 1831 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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