The Bionic Tigers received an advancement invitation to the Maryland/D.C. FIRST Tech Challenge Championship to be held March 1

NEWS RELEASE – January 13, 2020

FROM LOVELAND SCHOOLS – Loveland High School’s FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 10464, The Bionic Tigers, competed at the Mountain Qualifier that took place in the scenic mountains of Western Maryland. On January 11, 25 teams from Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia came together to compete for three advancements spots to the Maryland/D.C. FIRST Tech Challenge Championship.

Loveland High School’s FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 10464, The Bionic Tigers, competed in the mountains of Western Maryland over the weekend, qualifying them for the second state competition this season. The team will be competing in the Maryland/D.C. Championship on March 1 and the Ohio FTC Championship on March 14. (Photo:Provided)

To start the day, The Bionic Tigers presented to the judges about their community outreach, involvement with industry professionals, programming, robot design, and other related topics for evaluation for awards. They then competed in five qualifying matches—going undefeated—overall being ranked second place. As a result of being ranked second, 10464 got to pick two teams to join them for elimination rounds, and chose one team from West Virginia and one from Maryland.

To close out the exciting day, the awards ceremony took place. The Bionic Tigers were nominated for or won five out of seven awards: 3rd Think, 2nd Connect, 2nd Innovate, 2nd Motivate, and 1st Inspire. Due to winning the highly coveted Inspire award, The Bionic Tigers were one of three teams to receive an advancement invitation to the Maryland/D.C. FIRST Tech Challenge Championship taking place on March 1.  The Bionic Tigers have now qualified for two state competitions: the Maryland/D.C. FTC Championship on March 1 and the Ohio FTC Championship on March 14.

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