RP Diamond Printing & Embroidery  selling “Darnell Parker Fundraiser” T-shirts to

help LHS Basketball coach fight cancer

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (November 25, 2020)  –  Loveland Lady Tigers basketball coach Darnell Parker is steeped in an off-court battle against cancer.

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The Tiger Nation and Loveland community are responding with efforts to raise funds to help Coach Parker and his family as he fights cancer. RP Diamond Printing & Embroidery owners Tammy & David Terry are longtime supporters of Loveland Tiger athletics and Coach Parker. In their own effort to help, they have created a “Our Way – Our Fight” Darnell Parker Fundraiser t-shirt to support the coach.

“There’s no back story,” said David Terry. “We’re donating $10 from every shirt to Coach Parker.”

The specially printed fundraiser t-shirt sells for $12 and can be purchased direct online at the RP Diamond website. Click here to order your Coach Parker fundraiser t-shirt now.  

“We’re just trying to help him out,” Terry said. “We’re just trying to raise some money. Absolutely, he’s a great guy.”

If you want to help out Coach Parker, just go to the RP Diamond website at: https://rpdiamond.com/products/ols/products/darnell-parker-fundraiser-tshirt-youth-adult-white-pc55

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