Ohio Governor Mike DeWine gave the “Stay at Home” order for all Ohioans during Sunday afternoon COVID-19 update conference

By: Chuck Gibson

 LOVELAND, OH  – Stay at home Ohio. That is the order from Governor Mike DeWine for all Ohioans effective at 11:59 p.m. Monday night, March 23.

                                     Ohio Governor MIke DeWine gave teh “Stay At Home” order from Columbus Sunday afternoon (provided) 

Yes, there are exceptions, but the message is clear Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a clear and present danger to everyone everywhere. DeWine used the words “war”, “enemy” and “combat” describing the nature of this pandemic health crisis. While COVID-19 is invisible, it is invading our nation, state, and homes like an enemy DeWine explained.

 “This is no time to help the enemy,” said DeWine.


DeWine was also very clear about understanding the everyday necessities for people. The supply chain is not being shut down by this order. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and even carryout operations of restaurants were among things he included as “essentials” for living. At the top of that list were healthcare workers and emergency first responders. While those essential businesses/service providers will stay open, they must comply with “social distancing” standards.

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department is prepared to respond throughout the COVID-19 response (provided) 

Response to COVID-19 continues to be a fluid situation with changes coming daily, sometimes hourly.  Here, at home in Loveland, people continue to adjust to the changes. Restaurant, bar, and business owners are doing everything they can to continue to meet the needs of the community. City leaders are working tirelessly to provide assistance in response to COVID-19. Emergency personnel from the Police and Fire Departments are on the job and responding to keep the community safe and well throughout this challenging time.


Schools may be closed, but school officials are anything but on break as they focus their efforts on the well-being of students at home; finding ways to connect with community partners like NEST and L.I.F.E. Food Pantry, and Care Center to provide meals to those children and families in need. People of the community are reaching out to volunteer, to donate, to simply do whatever they can to help anyone in need.

                                  LIFE Food Pantry will continue to feed the Loveland schoolchildren in need (Provided)

NEST will continue mobile feeding for children at specified locations throughout Loveland (provided)

Yes, the order from the Governor of Ohio is clear: STAY HOME!  At the same time, take care of one another. One theme has remained the same amidst the fluid and ever-changing COVID-19 response, people are giving, people are caring, light will always overcome the darkness.

 If you have any questions about “Stay at Home” order, go to www.ohio.gov for answers