Sunshine, smiles and ice cream –

It was be Opening Day at the LDW

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (March 6, 2022) – A blue sky lit by sunshine, faces lit by smiles, and ICE CREAM were the order of the day – Opening Day at the Loveland Dairy Whip (LDW) Friday, March 4.

Loveland Valentine Lady 2014 Janis Fogle was first on the scene for Opening Day at The LDW (Chuck Gibson)

The surest sign of spring in Loveland, Ohio is Opening Day at the Loveland Dairy Whip. The Season-opener for 2022 was right on time and as dependable as ever. This one makes 67 years of LDW serving up arguably the best soft-serve ice cream treats served in all of Cincinnati, certainly in Loveland. Since the first cone in 1955, the people of Loveland have counted on the LDW to shake off the winter blues, bring on the spring warm-up and provide a cool-refreshing taste treat to beat the summer heat. First on the scene and at the walk-up window this year was Loveland Valentine Lady 2014 Janis Fogle. She and her husband arrived early and enjoyed soaking up a little sunshine at a picnic table before the line began to form.

“Several years ago I was coming down the hill and saw the sign out front Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day and I thought the Valentine Ladies should be there spreading cheer,” said Fogle. “We put out an email and since then it has been tradition.”

The tradition continues, but not just for the Valentine Ladies to come and spread their cheer, this year Fogle was first. She says Loveland is a lovely place and she wants to do as much as she can to promote it.

“That’s why I was here at 1:30,” Fogle explained. “I usually get the cone with the googly eyes; a vanilla cone with the googly eyes.”  

Kay Bolin (left) and Janis Fogle (right) were the first two faces the LDW crew could see thrugh the walk up window at Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day 2022 (Chuck Gibson)

2018 Loveland Valentine Lady Kay Bolin was second in line with her friend Janis at the walk-up window.

“I’m going to get the chocolate and vanilla swirl with googly eyes,” said Bolin. “It means a lot. Loveland is so full of community spirit and this is one of the main traditions of Loveland. This date every year, you see it on Facebook, all over social media. It’s wonderful that everybody gets together and they come here. They’ll filter in all weekend. This is the beginning of seeing people out here every day.”

Not just the Valentine Ladies and not only the walk-up window, but the drive-thru holds true to the first in line tradition for opening day too.

Rick and Kim Rotundo were first at the drive-thru window (Chuck Gibson)

“We saw you last year,” said Kim. “It’s banana split. We’re sharing it.” 

Kim says there is a reason they share the banana split on Opening Day.

“The kids don’t know we do that,” she said. “Then we’ll come back tonight for an ice cream cone with them. Don’t tell. Happy Spring!”

Kim Rotundo holds up the banana boat she shared with her husband Rick first out the drive-thru window (Chuck Gibson)

Ron & Debbie Cobb joined in the Loveland tradition this year. It was the first time for them. You see, the Cobb’s live in Erlanger, KY, but heard about the Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day and came out to welcome in spring in Loveland. They were #2 in the walk-up window line following the two Loveland Valentine Ladies.

“We wanted to come try your product,” said Cobb. “I think I’m going to have that hot fudge cake – small.” 

His wife Debbie had picked out her favorite on the LDW menu too.

“I’m going to have the pineapple sundae,” she said.

A conversation ensued and it turns out Ron Cobb is the great grandson of baseball immortal Ty Cobb. Many stories point to both on-field and off-field exploits of Ty Cobb as a mean man, but his great-grandson, while waiting in line for the annual rite of spring in Loveland – LDW Ice Cream – would at least agree his great grandfather was one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball. He also proudly pointed to a morsel of Ty Cobb trivia some may not know. Ty Cobb was the first millionaire professional baseball player. It was not because of his salary as a player, but because he invested in Coca Cola stock and earned his fortune there. Oh, and somehow Ron Cobb was also convinced to try the Loveland Dairy Whip Chocolate Mountain instead of the small hot fudge cake. I’m pretty sure he thought it was the greatest he ever tasted, but he got away before being asked.

The Loveland Valentine Ladies eating thier ice cream and spreading cheer at The LDW Opening Day (Chuck Gibson)

Young Caroline got her ice cream on Opening Day at The LDW (Chuck Gibson)

For the Loveland Dairy Whip crew, Opening Day 2022 was just as special as any opening day at The LDW. Teresa Flint-Morgan and her husband Rick Morgan are the owners today. They have been for a long time now. It’s a family affair dating back to when Teresa’s family opened the dairy whip in 1955 right in the same building on the same location in Loveland. Again, this makes 67 years of “Whippy Dip” ice cream at the Loveland Dairy Whip. Prices may have gone up, and all kinds of new ice cream taste treats have been introduced over the years, and they’re hoping for a butterscotch dip top this season though it wasn’t available at opening Friday. Through one change of ownership and years of LDW crew, Opening Day at the Loveland Dairy Whip is the one sure sign of spring that has never failed in our fair town.

“Best thing today is greeting the customers again,” said Teresa. “I am enjoying seeing them. I haven’t been all that busy at drive-thru, they’ve all been up front which is unusual. We usually get a lot more drive-thru. But this is our warmest Opening Day in probably 10 years; as far back as I can remember.” 

Spring has sprung in Loveland. The Loveland Dairy Whip is open for 2022 

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