Loveland & communities awoke to

a white blanket of snow cover

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 9, 2021)  – Forecasters missed. Predictions of 3-5 inches of snowfall turned into a reality range of 5-9 inches of snow cover in Loveland (9 inches for some areas) and reports of only 5 or 6 inches of the white blanket in other surrounding communities.  

Five or more inches of snow covered backyard decks all around town 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

Whatever amount landed on your driveway or neighborhood roadway, it all amounted to a “SNOW DAY!”  We all loved them as kids. Our kids still love – though maybe mom’s and dad’s not so much. Truth is, no one knew for sure if there would even be another snow day ever. With the transition to remote learning forced upon schools shut down by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, school administrators now seem to have a clear option to “cancel” in-person classes and school transportation, while pivoting to the remote learning option instead of a real, honest-to-goodness, let’s go out and play, SNOW DAY!  Not today. Today, some area schools actually went ahead and called it a full-fledged no remote learning SNOW DAY!

Scenes like this one (snow-blowing his driveway) played out all over Loveland and surrounding communities on 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

Snow Day was a lot more fun for the kids. (Chuck Gibson)

It looked different for the adults too. As we all know, the pandemic also transitioned a lot of adults to working from home. No traveling into an office. They did not have to fight the snowy and slick road conditions which may have prevailed. Instead, there was a lot of adults outside shoveling or snow-blowing their driveways and walkways around neighborhoods.

The snow plow drivers worked late last night, early this morning and were still touching up roadways late in the afternoon 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

Yes, the public works guys were out, local, county and state driving the big snow plow and salt trucks clearing the roads for those who did have to venture out. Kudos to them as main thoroughfares were quite passable by mid-morning and neighborhood roads had at least a once-over. By early afternoon, roads were general clear while the plows were still out cutting an even wider path of clear roadway where necessary.

Miami Township Riverview Park was the place for sledding on this Snow Day 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

SNOW DAY fun was on the agenda for the kids and even families too as the day wore on. Snow-covered hillsides had become excellent sledding runs. Some, like Loveland High School freshman Owen George, even came out with their snowboards to carve up a little excitement on the hillsides without having to find the nearest ski slopes.

Snowmen were popping up and snow forts and igloos were being built. One local parent even posted a plan for fun in the snow at a local park this evening on social media– that one included the term snowballs, though he did not use the word “fight” with that. Pure white snow, seemed to spell good clean fun all around our town today.

Owen George. LHS Freshman, used the SNOW DAY to enjoy a little snowboarding fun at Riverview Park (Chuck Gibson)

Snow Day means Snowman building near The Works restaurant in Loveland 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

The All-American Snowman on the All-American Snow Day in Lovland, OH 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

Pure white snow, seemed to spell good clean fun all around our town today.

Hope you all enjoyed your “Snow Day!”

The Beauty of the Pure White snowfall (Chuck Gibson)

Snow rests on the Blue Spruce on Snow Day 2/9/21 (Chuck Gibson)

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